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“Successful recruitment mainly requires diligence, quality, efficiency and speed.“

Florian. Recruiter,


Starting position.

“Finding the most suitable employees for our client is our biggest strength!”

Our client, a Spanish telecommunications company, requires an experienced recruitment expert, who takes care of the development and expansion of its service center, for three of its service locations in Berlin, Essen and Potsdam. After we had originally supported the client successfully in Potsdam and Essen, finally Berlin followed.

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Spanish telecommunications company


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:

Human Resources


  • Onboarding


Due to a merger the client has a strong need for personnel. That’s why RIGHTHEAD is commissioned to quickly find matching candidates for the three named locations. The aim is that the service employees will be taken over by the client after having successfully passed the probation period.


Within only six months RIGHTHEAD recruits over 100 new employees, of which the majority has already gone into permanent employment with the client during this time.

Our figures speak for themselves: out of 10 interviewed applicants at dedicated assessment days on average 9 are hired. The reason for this is our extremely efficient pre-selection. We only choose the very best candidates from the start and we thereby guarantee our clients highest efficiency in the employee selection.

Successful recruitment of service employees.

To sum up.

Within only six months RIGHTHEAD builds a team of service specialists that quickly develops a strong cohesiveness and lives the client’s brand and spirit straight away.

We impress with accuracy, commitment, quality, efficiency and speed in recruitment. Dedicated applicant days and the full integration of candidates into the client’s business are fixed components of our strategy.

Our extensive network, a proactive approach and intensive “e-hunting” – a mixture of  classic headhunting with the help of new media – are further key to our success.

“Knowing that I have accompanied my candidate from the initial contact through to the phone interview and application day and that the candidate is finally hired and taken over by the client is a fantastic feeling every single time.”

Florian. Recruiter, Nuremberg.

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