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“There is no substitute for hard work when it comes to delivering outstanding solutions”

Magdalena, Team Manager







Starting point.

“Our sales teams are sometimes too caught up with administrative duties as the documentation process takes longer than expected” 

Having your hands full with data that needs to be correctly documented takes a lot of time and can become downright overwhelming. With years of sales experience, LIVINGBRANDS our sales experts and the long-standing client an international leader of IT infrastructure, implemented a solution to automate and optimize the process.

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International leader of IT infrastructure


73000 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:

Sales Back Office


        • Invoicing
        • Onboarding
        • Offboarding
        • Reporting
          • Forecasting
          • Process Improvements
          • Finance Support Procedures
          • Analytics Procedures
          • Business Support Procedures


        When the project started, the documentation process was done manually. This was challenging as time was of the essence and the sales teams were sometimes caught up with administrative duties and had less time to concentrate on their sales duties. Thus, LIVINGBRANDS was appointed to support our client’s sales team during the process optimization.



        The LIVINGBRANDS sales experts – the FABS teams – provide services that support our client and their vendors with day to day metrics and reports. Additionally, they support our client during the onboarding procedures of the vendors by reviewing the scorecards and financial activities of the vendors.

        The project’s highlights are:

        Productivity returns – Because the teams are now able to work on multiple tasks, it has enhanced their performance which has resulted in a 20% increase in productivity. Through the consolidation of data, the handling time of queries from potential vendors has improved from six hours to twenty minutes. This enables the teams to maximize their potential by having enough time to concentrate on the core business. It now takes them 30% less time to work on the documentation process. 

        Optimization –  Activities like checking the invoices, which sometimes took up to eight hours as the process was done manually, now only takes nine minutes with an accuracy of 99.90%. 

        Documentation – Thanks to automation of the process, it is now easier to capture, maintain and update the documents of the three frameworks – finance, analytics and business, on a regular basis.

        The process has been optimized and tasks are now swiftly executed. The sales teams are now able to efficiently identify the bottlenecks and promptly create successful project plans without any delays.

        The process enhancement has led to:

        To sum up.

        With the automation of the project, the documentation process has been greatly improved. We save valuable time and enable the sales teams of our client to concentrate on delivering outstanding solutions. There is strength in unity and working hand in hand with our client, we are looking forward to introducing the data collection tool to additional markets. 

        “Honesty, loyalty and flexibility are the key values of our employees. We are passionate about our work which helps us to get things done”

        Magdalena, Team Manager, Krakau

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