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“Through our hard work and dedication, we ensure that our sales pipeline is filled with strong leads and new opportunities”

Yucuf, Team Lead,







Starting point.

Our client, a leading parcel shipping provider, was in search of a strong partner to help them with lead generation and onboarding of newly acquired business partners in the German market. Our collaboration commenced in January this year and we are happy with the progress. This was our client’s proposal when they first approached us.

“The parcel shipping industry is dynamic and we are looking for a solid partnership in the B2B segment. Our partner should support our distribution channel with new sales ideas and channels. They should be fast to implement the right sales benchmarks and thereby, ensure a seamless acquisition and onboarding process” 

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Leading international parcel shipping provider


9500 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Lead Generation
  • Acquisition
  • Inside Sales 


Cold calling can be emotionally challenging as the potential client or customer on the other end of the line is contacted unexpectedly. Despite the effective recruitment and training process, we were faced with a slight employee fluctuation rate in the beginning as some sales representatives changed to different sales departments that better suited their capabilities. Currently, our sales specialists have mastered an effective approach to overcome this challenge. They now successfully reach out, convince and onboard new business partners.


Our sales specialists work with speed and precision. Through their competence and interpersonal skills, they ensure that the KPIs are consistently met. To provide prompt feedback to the inquiries, they process the e-mails and tickets on the same day. 

A smooth acquisition and onboarding process of our client’s partners is done step by step through: 

  • Cold calling acquisition – For their outbound calls, our employees manage and qualify the contacts imported from our client’s database. Thanks to their hard work and determination, each sales specialist manages to generate a minimum of five offers a day.
  • Offer preparation– After reaching mutual consent with the decision maker, our sales specialists tailor the solutions to fit each partner’s needs.
  • Final generation – Once we receive the documents, we activate the new business partner for the required positions on our client’s system and if necessary, we also incorporate them into the cloud system.
  • Onboarding – Our sales teams support and accompany the new partner during the first and second months of the partnership. They concentrate on integrating the partner into our client’s corporate culture. The second month is considered as the "evaluation month”.
  • Hand over – From the third month, the clientele is officially handed over to our client whose employees continue with the sales support as we are left to concentrate on new B2B partners in the pipeline.

Our KPIs are met through:

To sum up.

Eight months into the project, our client is well pleased with our performance. We have managed to build strong inside sales teams that are flexible, assertive and committed. To reward their diligence, our employees also have the opportunity to get direct employment with our client. The results we have delivered so far motivate us to work even harder as a team. We are happy about the steady relationship we have built with our client and look forward to a long-standing partnership.

“Nurturing all contacts across the sales process is key. We analyze, improve and retest our sales channels to ensure that we attract and retain the right business partners for our client.“ 

Yucuf, Team Lead, Nürnberg.

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