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“Our passion for helping others to achieve their dreams and our commitment to deliver the best possible support are our driving forces. “

Fabian, Team Lead,







Starting point.

Managing 800 vendors who require unique website configurations is certainly not a walk in the park. We need a strong partner who will timely fulfill this huge capacity. Our new partner should offer premium support in the website configuration and optimization.

This was the request of our client, a leading provider in digital marketing services, when they approached us. Thanks to our expertise, creativity and flexibility, we promptly accepted the new challenge and got to work.

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Leading provider in digital marketing


400 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Ticket tool management
  • Website configuration
  • Content management
  • Graphic optimization
  • Consulting
  • Quality check


Despite using the automated ticket system as the main tool for the website configuration and maintenance, it sometimes doesn’t recognize some keywords and evaluations data. As a result, the work has to be keyed in manually and depending on the website, ticket size and complexity, this can take a day’s work – eight hours to complete one ticket. In addition to that, some vendors request changes even for already finished tickets which sometimes creates ticket backlogs and a slack in the process.


Initially when the project started, our team concentrated on the process and quickly realized that the high volume of inquiries, calls for agility and flexibility.

80% of the requests are completed using the ticket tool through the e-mail channel, while 20% of the requests are done through the telephone. In order to establish a streamlined process, our support specialists ensure that the vendors have the same contact person until the issue is solved. 

Thanks to the broad expertise and passion of our support specialists, they ensure that all inquiries are swiftly and efficiently taken care of exceeding the SLA’s of our client.

Maintenance of 800+ vendor websites

To sum up.

Choosing a reliable partner for website optimization is a vital aspect in digital marketing. We are proud to provide premium support that meets the needs of our client and their partners. And although the project is at a young stage, we have created a strong partnership that is destined for the long-term.

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile. We are pleased to add value to our client and their partners by always putting in the extra effort.“

Fabian, Team Lead, Nuremberg

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