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“Our scalable solutions and location flexibility ensure that we deliver first class customer service from anywhere”

Phillip, Senior Key Account Manager, Nuremberg







Starting point.

After having successful talks with our New Business Director and Key Account Managers, our client, a multinational clothing-retail company decided to outsource part of their customer service and this for the very first time! The Home Office solutions from our experts INVIRES, fascinated our client and they immediately wanted to launch the project. This was their request when they first contacted us. 

“We are looking for a reliable partner who can provide scalable solutions and support us to globally increase our footprint through efficient customer service centers in countries where we have a strong customer base”  

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Multinational clothing-retail company





Listed company

Product portfolio:



        • Customer Service
        • Online & Offline Shop Management
        • Complaint Management



        One of the biggest challenges the project has faced so far was in January where a huge ramp up of over 150 service specialists for the home office set up was done within the shortest period of time. The HR department had the challenging task of virtually conducting the interviews and also preparing the contracts. And since the candidates had to be ready within two weeks, the overheads were also faced with the challenge of coaching and training the new employees within a tight timeline. 




        The project started with the German market, with 90% of the customer service agents working from their homes and 10% of the employees from our location in Leipzig. Both of these teams report to our overheads in Leipzig. 

        Thanks to the high service level and outstanding engagement of the service specialists, the project picked up really quickly. As a result, our client decided to expand the service profile to neighboring European markets. This led to the recruitment of customer service specialists in Prague for the Czech, Slovakia and Croatia markets. 

        Shortly after, a customer service center was established in Bucharest to serve the Hungarian and Romanian markets where 50% of the customer service agents work from home and 50% work from the office.

        Additional Project Highlights

        • A complete ramp up of over 400 customer service specialists in Germany, Prague and Roman within a short timeline until the project’s Go Live
        • An efficient cross-location concept between the six countries 
        • Flexible working hours which also includes split shifts 
        • Flexible recruiting with some of the home office specialists working from Portugal & Spain for the German Market 

        Outstanding customer service solutions in six countries



        To sum up.

        Through the telephone and e-mail channels, our customer service specialists have been doing an amazing job of ensuring that all customer inquiries are promptly taken care of. Our client is very pleased with our work and is looking into further extending the virtual work concept to other markets e.g.  Denmark, Spain & Asia.

        “Offering first class customer service is our passion, that’s how we ensure that all customers are happy and satisfied.”  

        Phillip, Senior Key Account Manager, Nuremberg

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