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„Our sales solutions are not only based on price point – they deliver added value.“

Jakob, Program Manager,







Starting point.

“We wanted to expand our reach within Europe, and the German market presented a perfect opportunity. Our sales partner should support us in lead generation and management of our existing corporate partners. The new partner should be proactive in cross-selling and upselling of our products”

In March 2016 our client, a multinational enterprise software company, approached us with this request. Partnering with one of the world’s largest suppliers of resource planning software was thrilling and thanks to our longstanding experience, we were confident about meeting as well as exceeding these goals.

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Multinational enterprise software company


14.000 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



    • Lead generation
    • Client retention
    • Cross-selling
    • Upselling


          In B2B sales, your business partners’ trust is an essential factor to close a deal successfully. This can be challenging when contacting new prospects. It requires a good market as well as product knowledge. Before the outreach process is started, our sales specialists take time to network and research on the technologies used by the cooperate partners, as well as their buying motivators. This helps them to identify the needs and tailor the solutions to match each partner’s demands.


          Since the start of the project, we constantly exceeded our targets by implementing high-level key performance indicators (KPIs) that lead to an increase in turnover, conversion rate and new leads. Through various communication channels, our sales specialists ensure more revenue is generated by cross- and upselling of our client’s products to new as well as existing partners. Besides sales being their passion, our employees possess outstanding software knowledge which guarantees continuous growth and development. The success of the project is built on trust, honesty and reliability – with our client as well as their B2B sales partners.

          Outstanding revenue development of the project:

          To sum up.

          Trust is a very important factor in sales. It is the foundation of our way of business with all stakeholders. Through their expertise, our sales personnel covers all bases by ensuring that all cooperate partners trust and benefit from our customized sales solutions. They produce top performance results for our client and achieve a 102 minimum percentage of revenue per quarter. Our client is happy with the results and is looking to expand into other European markets with us. 

          “The best way to appear trustworthy is to actually be trustworthy. Our focus lays on providing value and we deliver quality sales solutions that meet the demands of our client and their cooperate partners.

          Jakob, Program manager, Leipzig.

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