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“What makes us highly successful is that we see the bigger picture, detect the customers’ needs and tailor the perfect solution for them.”

Jan. Teamlead Inside Sales Account Manager,







Starting point.

“We already had a well-established, successful indirect sales structure, but we wanted more. There was a certain target group that was always out of reach …”

It is said, that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. While resellers are extremely helpful to get a product on the market, some target groups just need that “straight line”, meaning a direct point of contact.

Our client, who is a leading premium electronics manufacturer, saw a lot of potential in the German market for mobile devices and was looking for support to enter this new market. Because our partner has already experienced our competence through various service projects, the next step was obvious: they started a pilot with us, to find out whether we can drive their direct sales as well.

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Premium electronics manufacturer


300,000 +


South Korea

Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Inside Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Management
  • After Sales Support


Quality has its price. A price, our partners’ satisfied customers are more than willing to pay, because they appreciate the value. It is a challenge to find a balance in the competitive price market that dominates the mobile devices branch, which was our client’s product portfolio for this project. Our strategy is to emphasize what really matters: a first-class product, highest security levels and excellent customer care.

Because we don’t think that “tight is right”, but “quality is king”.


What started as a six months pilot has meanwhile turned into a longstanding success.

Due to our experience in direct sales, the management of key accounts and expertise in the technology driven market, we established an outstanding and strong inside sales team for the German market.

We also like the stats:

  • Revenue through fiscal year 2017: >140 %
  • Receiving permission to contact prospects and end customers: >150 %
  • Pipeline generation: >143 % (every opportunity >100 devices)
  • Acquisition of more new projects than project closes in each quarter 

Market knowledge + sales skills = amazing success

To sum up.

We believe it’s not only about a quick sale. It is about taking care of the customer throughout the whole sales cycle and beyond.

Our specialists take the time to identify our customers’ needs thoroughly and tailor the perfect solution for their unique situation. This includes not only the device itself, but also the available software. Data security and encryption technology are other major points our specialists advise our customers on. They appreciate this added value a lot, which is reflected in the amazing customer satisfaction results.

“We’re all about selling the solution – not simply the product.”

Jan. Teamlead Inside Sales Account Manager, Schwalbach.

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