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“We are all about passion, talent and diversity! That’s how we generate top-notch inside sales solutions for our client.”

Amy. Team Manager Sales,

Mountain View.






Starting position.

“We require an adaptable and responsive managed service partner to build a tier one technical inside sales team to produce new and improve existing workflows while maintaining the pipeline flow and consistently meeting KPIs.”

That is what our partner, an international provider of Internet services, was looking for. We assist our client with lead generation, demand management, sales / market development, data analysis, account management and technical sales support from our Mountain View, California, office.

Since the start of our partnership in 2015, we have generated a very skilled and passionate inside sales team bringing in highly creative talent and diversity. As a result of our outstanding work, the team will soon take over a new product in addition to their current program. 

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International provider of Internet services


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Lead Generation
  • Demand Management
  • Sales / Market Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Account Management
  • Technical Sales Support


Our key challenge in this venture was to create a competent inside sales team for our client’s specific product. This included developing people, processes and workflows in order to exceed set KPI targets. We simply had to back up our partner’s business with effective, customer-oriented solutions delivered by qualified specialists.

Bringing in the right talent was a major challenge. That means: tech savvy candidates with strong backgrounds in sales and degrees from top universities. We required highly motivated and smart creatives with strong analytical and problem solving skills as well as exceptional interpersonal skills and a proactive, service-oriented mindset.


We clearly exceeded the set targets and KPIs, including pipeline flow, SLAs, leads taken / leads processed and LTO (lead to opportunity ratio). We also grew a highly creative, diverse talent pool.

Our achievements at a glance:

  • Exceeded yearly pipeline target: Demand Management Representative (DMR) Team North America: + 37 %, LATAM + 67 %
  • Exceeded SLA target: DMR Team North America: 60 % of leads reached in 5 min., 87 % in 30 min.
  • Created and developed regional product and process handbooks
  • Created and maintained a bi-weekly team newsletter
  • Created and lead training program for all new hires

Overachievement of pipeline targets within DMR Team.

To sum up.

We managed to build an inside sales team that has the ability to learn quickly and adapt to a fast-changing environment. Their impressive interpersonal skills give them the ability to forge meaningful business relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Most importantly, we are incredibly diverse! We unite the most passionate, competent people from across the globe who come together to deliver the best possible sales solutions for our client!

“We identified and developed a diverse and motivated team of smart creatives. Throughout the initial set-up, we shaped the team from the ground up developing and maintaining resources and process improvements. This resulted in a strong partnership with our client including results beyond our expectations.“

Amy. Team Manager Sales, Mountain View.

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