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“My team is all about flexibility and resourcefulness. That’s how we ensure maximum results!”

Michelle. Team Manager,







Starting position.

“We needed a partner to help us with the strategy and process alignment for our new project launch. That includes the establishment of a basic communication between our local offices and our partner’s team.”

This is what our client, a leading producer of printing & camera equipment, approached us with over a year ago. We support them in the areas channel and SMB sales from our hub in Lisbon, Portugal. From there we currently cover six markets - Netherlands, Belgium (French & Flemish), Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden - further ones are in the planning stage.

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Leading producer of printing & camera equipment


10.001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Channel Sales
  • SMB Sales


Our key challenge in this venture is to really understand the market and the resellers’ buying habits, as well as our partner’s distinct products and philosophy. This requires a lot of insight, knowledge and experience on the part of our sales experts. Our core aim is to push resellers’ buying rates, enhance their loyalty and also win new partners for our client.


We manage the resellers with one single point of contact with regards to the client’s printing & imaging products. We successfully take care of existing resellers and increase their buying frequency, re-activating relationships as well as identifying and recruiting new partners for our client. Additionally, we create specialized marketing campaigns and promotions, while providing constant feedback and analysis on the market and the resellers’ buying habits. Plus, we deliver regular in-depth product trainings for our sales employees and ensure a strong integration of our team into the client’s environment.

As a result of the above tactics, revenues have constantly grown:

  • Revenue increase: Q3 2015 vs. 2016 (yoy): Netherlands +116 %
  • Revenue growth: Q1 vs. Q2 2017 (qoq): all markets +68 %

Focused marketing & sales strategy leads to clear revenue increase.

To sum up.

Our committed sales staff manage resellers successfully and effectively advance the different collaborations through their strong resourcefulness, adaptability and flexibility. We are proud to work with competitive and highly assertive individuals.

“We managed to establish a thriving project in a very short amount of time. Our success is based on a strong team effort, close collaboration and a great exchange of ideas. We further conduct in-depth target market analyses of the resellers’ customers and based on that, we create relevant campaigns.”

Michelle. Team Manager, Lisbon.

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