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“We know what it takes to provide our partner with the best leads: the best salespeople with the best experience and skills!”

Nina. Sales Manager,

Kuala Lumpur.

Nina, 37.

Sales Manager Kuala Lumpur since 2014.
Trained Business Manager.

“IT has always been my thing. On top of that I feel at home in sales and bring a lot of experience in customer relationship management and lead generation. The perfect precondition for an exciting career with my current client project!”

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Starting position.

“We need a partner who can support us with a strong virtual demand generation team including contact profiling and data cleansing. Our aim is to significantly drive quality in inbound and outbound lead generation for our inside sales team. We stand for cutting edge-technological solutions so, of course, we expect our partner to assist us with highly innovative solutions too.”

That’s the challenge our partner, a multinational software corporation, approached us with. We support our client with lead generation and virtual sales services from our hubs in Barcelona as well as Kuala Lumpur.

We originally started with the launch of our partnership for the APAC region, and thanks to its vast success we quickly expanded the program to cover EMEA. Since the start of our collaboration we have been constantly reinforcing our partnership through added services and markets covered. As a result, the program has already turned into a great role model for other programs we manage for the same client.

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Multinational software corporation


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



Lead Generation
Inside Sales


Our client is globally known for its excellence in delivering varying software solutions that help organizations achieve optimum performance and increase profits. Our partner’s specific program focuses on digital transformation, delivering state of the art customer data management, context driven marketing tools, and unified commerce processes across all channels.

Our client is all about high conversion rates, cleansed, qualified data, as well as profound research and information when it comes to leads.

So our challenge is simple: we need to generate the highest-quality leads and opportunities for our partner’s virtual sales team and thereby create the best basis for sales conversions.


We have achieved the best quality leads with the help of our seven points lead qualification set-up, an extended BANT model. Our guarantor for this success: our persistent, proactive and knowledgeable team.

So what are some of the results of our strong quality focus?

  • Expansion of team into EMEA and significant growth of headcount within one year of initial launch
  • Handling 63 different campaigns across APAC
  • High client satisfaction in both EMEA and APAC
  • Achievement of qualified lead revenue goal in both markets
  • Agents covering at least two languages on fluent or native level

Constant growth in demand generated opportunities.

To sum up.

What makes us so successful? 

Definitely our people! They have extensive demand generation experience within an IT environment,

strong customer relationship skills, and at least two years of sales and industry experience.

Moreover, our multi-language approach means that our sales specialists are speaking at least two languages. Thus, we cover different languages simultaneously on an native level.

Our employees’ high level of competence is certainly what makes us so successful!

“We know that lead generation plays a major role in every business’s strategy and that the buying process is changing. As a result, companies need to find new ways to reach buyers and be visible. It’s all about building continuous relationships with buyers. That is exactly what we focus on.”

Nina. Sales Manager, Kuala Lumpur.

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