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“Effective, detailed and qualified lead generation: that’s what characterizes our solutions!”

Elena. Sales Account Manager,







Starting position.

“Our business development is still in its early stages. Therefore, we are looking for a partner who supports us with a quick market penetration and identifies valuable growth potential. We need a partner who helps us with a strong lead generation team.”

This is the requirement of our client, a producer of electric muscle stimulation systems. We have been supporting them in the area of lead generation from our headquarters in Nuremberg since 2016.

Our rather young partnership is already characterized by great mutual trust and a clear understanding for our client’s brand. Our broad experience in the sports equipment industry is the best basis for a long-lasting and successful partnership.

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Producer of electric muscle stimulation systems


200 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Lead generation


Our partner’s development is still at the beginning stages. Our task is to fully integrate ourselves into their sales process and develop their entire sales structure. This includes ensuring maximum quality regarding leads and opportunities for field sales and top availability. This is the optimum base for a high conversion rate. The goal is to raise and increase the customer interest for our partner’s product in the long-term. Additionally, image development, brand awareness and enhancement are core values for us.


Our extensive technical insight and our excellent sales skills help us identify our client’s needs and provide them with individually targeted solutions. The advantages for our partner: massive cost savings, maximum efficiency and top sales results. 

What have we really attained for the client?

  • >100 % lead target achievement from the start
  • Efficiency increase due to centralisation of processes
  • Organic growth through successful lead generation
  • Above average customer satisfaction
  • Technical training academy for field sales employees

Development, central coordination and implementation of sales processes.

To sum up.

Maximum technical understanding for our client’s products and consumer challenges: this is the foundation for our success. Our employees are our success factor number 1. They impress with their excellent communication skills, strong sales affinity, maximum customer orientation, quick comprehension skills (product knowledge) and technical know-how in the area of medical sports equipment. 

“We know how important thorough lead generation is for the successful sales of every business. Our long-term goal is to generate high quality leads and thereby fundamentally contribute to the acquisition of new clients.”

Elena. Sales Account Manager, Nuremberg.

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