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“Offering our sales specialists the best possible environment- that’s the secret for our success!”

Anthony. Supervisor,


Anthony, 29.

Supervisor in Barcelona since 2013.
B.A. in Communications.

“Communication and social media are my passion! And the best thing is: in my role with SELLBYTEL I can totally give free rein to this. Besides that, I benefit from a very inspiring work environment. As a result the team is super motivated and wants to make a real difference. That’s what I call fun at work!”

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“We are looking for a partner who has the same pace as we do and who identifies and converts our SMB clients’ potential for our online advertising products in new ways. This also means keeping up with the latest market trends.”

This is what our client, a worldwide leading micro blogging platform, asked us to do. Our successful solution focuses on the motivation of our sales specialists by offering a super modern work environment including the latest tools and technologies

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Worldwide leading micro blogging platform





Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Sales Lab
  • Lead Generation
  • Inside Sales (AdTech Sales)
  • Account Management


Our client belongs to the leading companies in the online advertising field. The market share needs to be kept and in the best case increased. Since this is a very tough and competitive market, we need to find new ways to motivate and enable our sales experts to help them perform even better. So here is our idea: the SELLBYTEL Sales Lab!


Providing our people with an excellent work environment – that is what the Sales Lab is all about.

The key point is that we put our long-term focus on our employees. That means we give them the right tools, we show them how to apply them and how to get the most out of them.

This is how people start to create their own success, become more productive and eventually stay with the company longer. Higher employee satisfaction then automatically results in higher revenue.

SELLBYTEL Sales Lab: increased sales through higher employee satisfaction and productivity.

To sum up.

The most important part about our Sales Lab is definitely the individual employee. Since we offer our people the best possible environment, they spend more time at the office, develop a stronger team spirit and simply feel at home. That’s how we have managed to achieve an average 23 % growth in revenue per quarter.

“The reason why we call this a Sales Lab is because we constantly optimize and adapt our scheme. We simply aim at the most efficient structure for our employees by regularly informing and educating them to ensure the best results for our client. The best proof: constant over-performance and expansion to markets like Asia and South America.”

Anthony. Supervisor, Barcelona.

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