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“My team is as diverse and multicultural as our customers, and everybody here lives our key values: accountability, reliability and trust.”

Sandra. Program Director,


Sandra, 38.

Program Manager in Berlin since 2013.
B.A. in Business Administration.

„Wanderlust – if I had to describe my life in one word, that would be it. I love exploring parts of the world some people haven’t even heard of. In my job I get to use all of my previous experience as a globetrotter and pass it on to my team in order to equip them for the various requests the travel industry brings.”

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Starting point.

“We needed a partner to help us become the primary travel booking platform for leisure as well as business travelers.”

This is the ambitious goal our client, a popular international accommodation booking portal, approached us with. Thanks to our long-standing expertise, we knew exactly how to handle it. We established a successful service center in the heart of Berlin and staffed it with passionate travel specialists who serve as the first point of contact for hosts and guests alike.

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International accommodation booking portal


3,000 +



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Product portfolio:



Pre and post sales services


One thing is certain: Diversity makes the world more colorful and enjoyable. However, this can also be challenging for an internationally operating travel specialist. We are more than happy to take on these challenges! Our employees not only solve issues regarding bookings, cancellations or refunds but also act as mediators between hosts and guests. That’s why we employ people who are passionate about travelling and know the challenges that come with overnight stays and accommodations. Our goal is not only to offer customer service at a top level, but to embrace our client’s corporate culture completely, become part of their community and pass the spirit on to their customers.


What is the key asset for a thriving customer service? The employees delivering it! That’s why our way to success starts with the recruitment of extraordinarily skilled employees.

In addition, we have developed a special training format, that does not only cover hard skills, but also includes cultural awareness training as an essential part of every onboarding process.

Furthermore, we want our employees to be able to support the customers as much as possible. We empower them and give them responsibilities that enable them to grow professionally, rather than following a tight framework.

We are all about delivering something on top! We have been performing particularly well when it comes to our main KPI, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) (= the recommendation rate). We managed to position ourselves as a benchmark leader among central European service specialists.

Our productivity is another quality aspect we are very proud of, as we are constantly keeping it well above the EMEA average.

Top performance in productivity and customer satisfaction across the globe.

To sum up.

We ensure both our partner’s and their customers’ satisfaction by focusing on three main things: the right location, the right recruiting approach and, most importantly, the people factor.

“It’s not just about answering questions; it’s about going on journeys with our customers – hundreds of times a day.”

Sandra. Program Director, Berlin.

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