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“In my role as a fashion customer service specialist, satisfied customers are my ultimate goal, because as the saying goes: only happy customers are loyal customers!”

Olivia. Customer Service Specialist,


Olivia, 25.

Customer Service Specialist in Barcelona since 2014.
Trained Fashion Advisor.

“What I particularly like about my job? The combination of fashion and work! And the great team spirit among colleagues. This is especially encouraged by the strong support of our trainers and superiors. They regularly provide top opportunities for development. I will soon take part in our internal supervisor training program, for instance.”

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“We need a partner that helps us keep our customers happy and thereby turns them into actual fans of our brand. We also want our partner to stand by our side and proactively create effective solutions for us – no matter what challenge we face. Especially when it comes to forecasting our business, we require a partner ensuring minimum risk and maximum accuracy for us.”

This is the request of our client, an International clothing design and manufacturing company, approached us with. Our solution consists of online store support and specifically customer service in the B2C area. Ever since the beginning of our partnership in 2010, the project has been growing steadily.

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International clothing design and manufacturing company


3.001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Online Store
  • Customer Service
  • Back Office
  • Retail Stores Support
  • Payment Risk Management
  • Logistic Support
  • Outbound Marketing Campaigns


In the course of our partnership we have become the main driver for pushing our partner’s Net Promoter Score. Now obviously our goal is to continue this positive trend and actively contribute to making the end customer’s service experience as pleasant as possible.

Here the challenge is to find and keep highly customer-oriented service specialists that additionally have a background in logistics or advanced software management. And of course a strong passion for fashion and trends goes without saying. Excellent communication skills including fluency in English and native skills in one other language are further essential. 


We deliver highest precision for our client by calculating expected contact volumes based on orders and our valuable experience from managing other top brands.

Moreover, by putting in place the most innovative flexibility measures we ensure utmost SLA compliance – especially during key dates like Black Friday or Christmas.

And through our extensive Best Practice sharing we are able to transfer existing insights – such as the distribution of the contacts per hour and per channel.

Here is the proof of our successful strategy in numbers:

  • 80 % of calls answered within 30 seconds, 99 % within 60 seconds
  • 80% of E-mails answered within 24 hours, 100 % within 48 hours
  • SLA performance above 90 % 
  • Abandon rates below 3 % 

This is what we have achieved for the client. The result? A very close and trustful relationship that leads to regular extensions of our services, e.g. regarding marketing tasks.

High customer satisfaction due to specialized trainings.

To sum up.

What really makes our success? First of all, our precise recruitment approach makes us find the right people again and again. Surely it is also our focus on training our people on an ongoing basis.

We offer a number of full program trainings, specialized team trainings and short training sessions.

This steady development of our employees vastly contributes to the high customer satisfaction level reached. We simply take quality very seriously and always think ahead – be it through the proactive training of our people or the detailed analysis of their service competences. 

“We totally know that a high customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score as well as Rebuy Rate are all driven by exceptional customer service. How we put this into practice? Through our excellent forecasting, employee training and development programs. I guess our high CSAT and NPS results speak for themselves!

Olivia. Customer Service Specialist, Barcelona.

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