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“We let our customer service shine.”

Lucia. Customer Service Project Manager,


Lucia, 37.

Customer Service Project Manager in Barcelona since 2012.
B.A. in Business Administration.

"I love my job and I absolutely love our clients’ products. Naturally, this is really helpful for my job — I enjoy the new challenges every day. I am familiar with all of the questions and issues that I am confronted with daily. That is why it is easy for me to solve them effectively.
I am excited about my work every day and feel lucky to work for an employer that I can identify with so well."

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Starting point.

“Our focus goes beyond performance. Our goal is to achieve a lasting brand experience which goes on, even after the purchase.”

Our client — an international jewelry manufacturer specialized in the luxury segment — wants to expand its customer experience and its brand perception. As a highly specialized service provider, we could immediately identify the crucial point: by providing a brilliant customer service we can transform customers into brand ambassadors.

We are implementing this vision in our hub in Barcelona and in our new location in Puerto Rico. Our experienced team consists of customer oriented specialists with high passion for our partners’ product portfolio. We offer customer service that stands out and shines — just as our clients’ products.

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International jewelry manufacturer


30.000 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



Customer Service


Jewelry is always special — year round, and particularly high in demand during Christmas season. Start of the high season is usually Black Friday: the period after Black Friday makes up for 30 % of annual sales. Order volumes in customer service are increasing as well. This leads to an increase in manpower and increased challenges in time management. However, our client can trust us to deliver the same high levels of service quality.


Step by step towards success

We have successfully implemented our concept in both, our hub in Barcelona and our new location in Puerto Rico. In addition to our engagement in 11 European countries we also offer our service in the American and Canadian markets.

Our Focus is on Quality

Together with our client we established a plan for quality control. In weekly reviews — including countries, topics or employees — we successfully measure customer satisfaction — which allows us to respond to rising challenges immediately.

Fast response ensures high efficiency

“Quality” is not precise enough? You can see proof of our top-performance in detail. One of the most important performance indicators is a quick response time — because positive customer experience does not start with holding the line. We successfully deliver excellent service through phone, chat and email interaction in 15 different time zones and we regularly exceed our goals.

80 % of calls answered within 20 seconds
Our result: 90 %

80 % requests tended to within 60 seconds
Our result: 90 %

90 % of emails answered within 24 hours
Our result: 95 %

Excellent response time throughout every channel and all requests.

To sum up.

What makes our strategy so successful?
To sum it up: our employees! Extremely service oriented and fans of our client products — that’s how we deliver not only specialist knowledge and support, but a passion for our clients’ brand.

“Ordinary customer service is the past. We provide communication experience to leave an impression.”

Lucia. Customer Service Project Manager, Barcelona.

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