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“Skills can not easily be measured, but a customer satisfaction level of 95% is a good starting point.“

Decha. Customer Support Representative,

Kuala Lumpur.






Starting position.

“Our support staff have to speak a lot of languages. But not gobbledygook.“

After SELLBYTEL had already achieved success in the field of virtual sales for a large provider of internet services, a follow-up order came at the beginning of 2013, which involved setting up multilingual technical support in the B2B sector. The aim was to provide business clients with competent and comprehensible support for applications and products in need of explanation. This service was initially to be set up in Europe and then expanded to the APAC region.

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International provider of Internet services


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Technical Service Center


The complete technical support via telephone and e-mail was to be launched quickly and smoothly. In order to guarantee a high level of support worldwide, it was necessary for the potential candidates to have outstanding language abilities, because ideally the customer enquiries would have to be processed in the respective local language. And of course excellent technical skills were equally in demand. These qualities were examined by our client in a specially designed test.


Our client’s requirements were high: a customer satisfaction level of at least 85% had to be achieved within four months. However, in Barcelona we achieved the specified figure in only the second month after project implementation. Success that bore further fruit: these excellent figures triggered the decision to set up an additional team in Kuala Lumpur and expand the team in Barcelona.
Consequently, within only a few months, it was possible to implement a support system that not only ensured first-class customer support in Europe but throughout the world. But one thing at a time.

Recruit first, train later.

The first step was to recruit a technical support team for the Barcelona location. As the SELLBYTEL recruitment professionals were able to take advantage of their many years of experience and a large applicant network, they managed this in only four weeks. We then sent the candidates back to school: they received training in soft skills and product knowledge. The subsequent test by our client showed that the effort had been worthwhile: all of the employees recruited by us passed straight away.

A package full of measures.

From our long personal experience we know that the best employees cannot develop their potential if structures are missing. This is why we introduced them into the project. For instance, there was a clear allocation of responsibilities and employees were divided into specialist teams.
One further measure that simplifies management for the client is "Single Point of Contact" Management: this means that the customer always has only one contact person, which ensures clarity and transparency. And so that all locations profit equally from successes, SELLBYTEL introduced best practice sharing in Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur: this type of knowledge management means that employees in all locations benefit mutually from innovations and experiences.

Figures that chart the success.

All of these measures have led to impressive success. The figures are clear: productivity doubled within the first three quarters. Customer satisfaction took another leap upwards: it rose again from 85% to more than 95%. The one thing that fell? That was the call abandon rate: it was reduced by 50%.

Trend in customer satisfaction.

To sum up.

Even if things have to happen quickly, the quality of service with SELLBYTEL never suffers. This was also the case here: within a few months, we succeeded in establishing a technical support system that operates worldwide. Transparent, efficient and with customer satisfaction figures close to the maximum.

“Our client gave us four months. We managed the challenge in two. Working ineffectively is the one thing we can’t do.“

Decha. Customer Support Representative, Kuala Lumpur.

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