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“Delivering outstanding customer experience has been our number one goal for 19 years”

Stefan, Program Manager, Nuremberg







Starting position.

It was back in 1999 when our client, a leading investment bank approached us with the following request.  

“Exceptional customer service is our top priority and our partner should be able to handle the high volumes and fluctuations without compromising the quality of service.”

Excited about this challenge, we immediately set up a team of customer service specialist that were going to function as the central point of contact for all customer inquiries from the private customers and sales partners of our client.  

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Investment bank


3000 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Banking and Financial Service Center
  • Social Media Monitoring


Through the telephone and e-mail channels, our employees cover a wide scope of inquiries from private investors who seek information on state-subsidized pension schemes to technical questions from our client’s sales partners. Finding competent and experienced service specialists with a background in finance and banking is sometimes challenging. Training new employees due to attrition takes seven weeks which is also challenging during peak seasons, due to the high volume of calls and e-mails. This is sometimes followed by extreme fluctuations which requires detailed planning, strong recruitment and in-depth training in order to meet the service levels. 



And to make sure that we effectively handle the high volumes during peak seasons and the fluctuations during low seasons, we guarantee a seamless process by implementing the DMAIC methodology to;

  • Define the issue at hand
  • Measure the situation through data collection
  • Analyze the data through probing the root cause of the issue
  • Improve our processes by finding solutions to the issues
  • Control the long-term sustainability of the implemented solutions 

And we are happy with the results that fulfill our KPIs:

  • Quality ≥ 90% 
  • 80% of calls are answered within 30 seconds
  • Availability rate ≥ 95%
  • Average Handling Time     
               - private Investors > 5 minutes   
               - Sales Partners > 6,5 minutes

Project highlights also include:

  • 19 years of excellent relationship and partnership with our client 
  • Exemplary customer satisfaction rating of ≥ 95%
  • Five-star rating for the 16thconsecutive year from the Capital Fund Magazine. 

Our success is established through strengthening our pillars of

To sum up.

Since our partnership started in 1999, we have been consistently providing high-quality customer service to our client’s customers and sales partners. Our client particularly appreciates our consistency in efficiently handling different volumes of work. Thanks to our flexibility and expertise, we managed to convince our client and won the trust, loyalty and an excellent friendship for a good 19 years now! 

“Happy employees lead to satisfied customers and clients. Our employees on the frontline are thus the most important asset in this task. We focus on employee satisfaction and retention and are happy with the results. “

Stefan, Program Manager, Nuremberg



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