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“For 19 years, we have been managing our client’s service support. And still our motivation is fresh.”

Julia. Financial Customer Advisor,







Starting position.

“Interest rates may vary. But not our customer service.”

A telephone customer service for everyone. In 1999, an international investment company approached SELLBYTEL with this request. A team was to be set up to provide telephone support for private customers, sales partners and other interested parties so that it would then be able to function as a central point of contact for all customer enquiries.

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Investment bank


1,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Banking and Financial Service Center


From the private investor seeking information on state-subsidized pension schemes to the detailed technical question from a sales partner, the future employees had to be able to answer a broad range of questions. Adding to the challenges were extreme fluctuations in the volume of calls, which were capable of rising by up to 50% for short periods. The task therefore involved putting together a highly competent and efficient team.


All the requirements were fulfilled: customers and sales partners of the investment company are reliably and proficiently informed and retained thanks to the efficient and high-quality service. We only managed all of this because we examined our candidates very precisely. And trained them even more precisely.

Tough selection criteria. For maximum demands.

In a sophisticated recruiting process, SELLBYTEL identified suitable employees for the telephone service. We always kept our focus on the needs of the customer during this process: due to the fluctuations in number of callers, the applicants were not only tested on their technical skills but also in terms of their ability to work under pressure and their flexibility. The selected employees then received in-depth training.

High customer satisfaction as a yardstick.

Whether private customer, interested party or sales partner, the callers from the different groups have an unanimous opinion. Their level of satisfaction with the service is above average. A glimpse at the revenue figures also shows that we are performing excellent work: they have been rising constantly since the start of the service.


Long-term success thanks to optimized and flexible personnel management.

To sum up.

SELLBYTEL has been providing support for the investment company since 1999. With the highest possible level of expertise and maximum flexibility. Our client particularly appreciates the fact that we are also able to reliably manage different contact volumes at all times. This means constantly high quality with a continuous reduction in costs.

“Thanks to my extensive knowledge, I can help my customers with all their concerns. The only thing I’m not capable of is offering them a coffee.”

Julia. Financial Customer Advisor, Nuremberg.

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