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“If a client has a printer problem, the printer problem has a problem with me.“

Victoria. Operations Manager,







Starting position.

“Our market is getting bigger and bigger. And we’re struggling to keep up.“

A leading manufacturer of printers and scanners was facing the task of redesigning its technical and presales support. SELLBYTEL was commissioned to take on this task. Across all communication channels and over a distance of several thousand kilometres: for the market requiring support extended from Western to Eastern Europe and covered more than 20 countries.

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Leading manufacturer of printers and scanners


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Technical Service Center


A business customer who calls technical support with a printer problem wants prompt and proficient help. Guaranteeing this was one of the assignments. The second was that support center staff should also be able to maximize revenues and recommend new products and services to the customers. And to do this in an extensive operating area in which more than 20 different languages are spoken. Here it was important to make sure that no Babylonian confusion of languages arose. Instead, transparency was what was called for.


An outstanding initial resolution rate confirms that the technical support set up by SELLBYTEL performs its work excellently.
And that’s not all: in addition to this, we also managed to save costs while achieving higher quality. We were only able to manage this because we could take advantage of our proven and continuously expanding know-how. And through best practice sharing.

Special support teams.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply print out good employees. But fortunately, there is the recruiting experience of SELLBYTEL: within a short time, more than one hundred support staff were recruited at four locations – Barcelona, Lyon, Meerbusch and Prague. The requirements made of them were high: they not only had to guarantee support in the caller’s native language. But also work in a 100% customer-focused and service-oriented manner. And display the skills required to increase sales activities.

One for all.

A ship with many captains at the helm represents a hazard. This is not different in the case of technical support. This is why SELLBYTEL placed a central operations director in Barcelona. He is responsible for the whole team and receives reports from the local operations managers. And speaking of central control: in order to guarantee uniform excellent support, work is performed with one software solution and one customer database. Incidentally, the French team has since been relocated to Barcelona so that we have been able to further increase efficiency.

More quality with reduced costs.

An excellent resolution rate for the support enquiries. And a successful sales development as well. Our client benefits from transparent, measurable results. The service process has been standardized throughout Europe. And the support section saves costs while achieving higher quality.


Central control and standardization of service processes

To sum up.

This example demonstrates once again that SELLBYTEL has the technical and organizational expertise to set up and optimize technical service centers from the first to the last step. The benefits for our clients here are two-fold: low costs and maximum customer satisfaction.

“My aims are low: the lowest employee turnover rate in Prague.“

Victoria. Operation Managers, Prague.

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