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“Home Office work in three words? Flexible, fun and convenient!”

Tim. Supervisor,


Tim, 28.

Supervisor in Valencia since 2015.
B.A. Engineering.

“I am currently doing my Master in Engineering in Valencia – on an evening course basis. SELLBYTEL’s home office project allows me to work from home and complete my studies at the same time. Luckily there is virtualization! This kind of work motivates me a lot and so I already have a new job offer with SELLBYTEL for the time after my graduation.”

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Starting position.

“We want to foster the virtualization of our customer service to increase flexibility and to expand to further countries. At the same time a secure connection, data protection and integration in the daily business need to be guaranteed.”

This is what our client, a leading producer of IT-lifestyle products, asked us to do. Our solution consists of a home office based technical customer service. This includes an extended network through virtual management and agents using the client’s systems and tools from home. 

The service follows for the locations Erfurt, Leipzig, Mallorca and Valencia.

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Leading producer of IT lifestyle products


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Technical Customer Service
  • Home Office for employees
  • Virtual Recruitment / Training (1-to-many)
  • Virtual Management 


Due to our client’s position as a benchmark leader in the area of customer satisfaction, the quality expectations are very high. Our Home Office specialists have managed to fully meet these high quality standards by providing first-class service and product knowledge. Thus the biggest challenge was to find highly customer-oriented employees with a strong affinity towards IT, vast analytical skills and the ability to develop in-depth technical knowledge about hardware and digital content products. These tend to be rare in big conurbations.


We have been successfully running our home office program within our IT lifestyle client’s customer service for almost two years now.

And the results have been impressive: we have seen quick recruiting as well as very low attrition and unplanned absenteeism rates. Plus, the end-customer satisfaction level equals the one of office-based schemes. Employees further benefit from lower travel costs and comfortable workplaces. And: the partner has to make lower investments.

Thus the client has been very pleased with our performance and is committed to grow even further in the Home Office field.

The home office approach leads to efficiency increases in every aspect.

To sum up.

So what’s the bottom line? The “Home Advisor” approach is clearly a win win situation for our client as well as employees. Higher efficiency, flexibility, increased employee satisfaction and optimized performance lead to excellent CSAT results. And last but not least, we have access to a much wider talent pool.

“Our Home Office program is totally in line with our client’s growth targets. In other words, we explore new growth regions and thereby extend our candidate network – without having any geographical limitations.”

Tim. Supervisor, Valencia.

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