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“A real passion for social media, sports and customer service: that’s how we ensure the best solutions for our partner.”

Raul. Project Supervisor,


Raul, 35.

Project Supervisor in Barcelona since 2012.
Degree in Digital Marketing.

“I am a real sports fanatic, who loves to get involved with the latest digital and social media trends whenever I can. In my role at SELLBYTEL I get the chance to use my personal interests and passion to benefit my professional work. That’s extremely rewarding!”

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Starting position.

“We need a partner who provides us with top-notch customer service solutions. Our partner should manage our social media channels as well as the order and community management for two well-known online marketplaces. The service needs to cover the English, German, French, Italian and Spanish speaking markets.”

That’s what our partner approached us with more than one year ago. We have since delivered outstanding customer service solutions in the social media field.

Our dedicated and highly experienced digital and social media experts have managed to build a partnership that is continuously deepening. Right now, we plan to expand our team by adding more team members that will enable us to cover all time zones, provide unified responses, and offer an omni-channel perspective that lets customers use any contact channel they desire.

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Worldwide leading sports fashion brand


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



Social Media Management
Order Management
Community Management



Right at the start of our collaboration, we had to make sure to get this fully new project up and running together with our partner. That included getting hold of customers and distributors across the globe. We basically had to define a global structure and infrastructure for aligned communication.

We also had to ensure a workforce that fulfills a number of important selection criteria. These consist of: a strong customer service and fashion background, as well as an excellent understanding of social media and sports fashion trends. To intensify these skills and experiences, we offer a number of in-depth trainings as well. 


We managed to exceed all targets set, including response handling times and quality levels.

What we have achieved so far:

Response time (first customer contact): answer or escalate requests within 24 hours
- Exceeded response time target: Facebook 20 min., Twitter 16 min., Instagram 159 min., Email 300 min. (on average)

Format & process of task handling: 100 % quality level
- Met quality level target of 100 % at all times

Target overachievement regarding response handling times.

To sum up.

The amazing feedback we have received from our partner confirms that we are doing a lot of things right in this venture. Our partner greatly appreciates our very quick response times and handling of issues, as well as our proactivity and ability to drive important traffic to their website via social media channels. 

“Thanks to our extensive knowledge in e-commerce and social media as well as our strong focus on service quality, we have created a valuable partnership that’s made for the long-term.“

Raul. Project Supervisor, Barcelona.

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