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“Our client doesn’t have to know how to solve hardware problems himself. He just has to know my number.“

Thomas. Supervisor Technical Help Desk,


Starting position.

“We want to provide work, but not create it through IT problems.”

A large German employment agency wanted to concentrate exclusively on its core business and outsource the service desk to a specialist. This is why HELPBYCOM was commissioned to take over the technical support in the future. The expectations were high: service had to be assured even during the migration and the unit also had to provide reliable support for thousands of IT users in all German locations.

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German employment agency


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Service Desk (1st level support)
  • On-Site service
  • Application Support


The scope of the order was impressive. Service had to support far in excess of 100,000 IT users at several hundred branches and also cope with a monthly call volume in the six-figure range. Two things were required here: First, exceptionally well-trained IT employees. Second, a structured approach to process and resolve the enquiries in an efficient and flexible manner. 


The results are the same every year: outstanding. This is because our client’s target agreements have been constantly fulfilled for 8 years. And with fewer costs than before.

Flexible personnel deployment.

The first move was to take on key knowledge carriers from the previous service provider and integrate them into the project. Next on the agenda was the recruitment of new and highly specialized IT staff. What goes without saying at HELPBYCOM is that the employees received independently developed coaching sessions and communication training courses so that they were able to deal with the customer enquiries professionally.
To solve the problem of fluctuating call volume, we developed a flexible personnel deployment model for our customer:  by using flexible personnel, we are able to quickly cover up to 50% fluctuations in volume in a cost efficient way.

Maximum efficiency. Excellent customer satisfaction.

Our client was satisfied in every respect: there were no reductions in service quality. On the contrary, customer satisfaction was and still is at a level in excess of 90%.
Added to this are considerable cost savings for our client – and improved performance at the same time!

Solutions that nobody expected.

The most pleasing solutions are those that you didn’t expect at all. This is why we are constantly and proactively developing new solutions for the client. These solutions are entered into the knowledge database. In this way we provide ongoing support for the client by enhancing the quality and efficiency of the service.


Increase in customer satisfaction due to a flexible personnel deployment model.

To sum up.

Maximum load capacity and reliable solutions for complex tasks are our core competencies. Yet the work for this client revealed something else: even after many years of collaboration, we still have the potential to surprise clients with proactive proposals.

“I look after several thousand IT users. Any problems? Yes, I still can’t remember all their names.“

Thomas. Supervisor Technical Help Desk, Nuremberg.

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