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Training & Coaching

“My client’s team leaders were experts, except in one field: team leading.”

Martin. Senior Trainer,


Starting position.

“Coach our employees. Without a coach.”

At first sight, this seemed to be a paradoxical demand. But let’s start with the background story: a large German broker of shipping services had a distribution network that was not functioning at its optimum level. The reason was that although the team leaders of the distribution team had a high level of technical expertise, they were not able to communicate this to their sales staff. The professionals from aha! TALENTEXPERTS were to teach the team leaders management know-how. And – even more importantly – this was all supposed to function over the long term without an external coach.

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Broker of shipping services


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Training & Coaching


  • Quality Embassies in Train-the-Trainer Training


If team leaders are managing on a rule-of-thumb basis, it will not be possible to achieve optimum targets. This was the state of affairs for our client: the sales staff felt that they were lacking optimum support – and that they were unable to exploit the team leaders’ expertise. This problem was also reflected in the unsatisfactory sales figures.


After our measures were implementedrevenue figures increased, sales staff were even more efficient and motivated team leaders enjoyed their leadership roles. How did we manage that? We did it by allowing the team leaders to experience how enjoyable it is to manage through our training expertise that has proven itself over many years. And with the aid of an efficient train-the-trainer system.

Managing has to be learned.

The beginning was joyful: the team leaders were familiarized with the concept of quality ambassadors and instilled with enthusiasm for the topic. Their many years of professional experience meant that they were predestined for the task of distributing the required know-how to their sales staff. In addition to training courses and sessions, they did of course also receive materials, scripts, exercise sheets and organizational know-how, which helped and is helping them to pass on their knowledge and the will to succeed to their employees.

With small steps on the way to success

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And the team leaders also received structural assistance which they were able to use to communicate their knowledge to their employees in small but concentrated steps. They learned to devise clear, structured work units for the sales staff. Within these so-called tipping points, the team leaders train a maximum of five sales employees in matters of relevance to their success in sales: examples include needs analysis with the customer, value proposition and closing techniques.

More revenue through targeted coaching

The team leaders used the jointly developed training tool intensively and are continuously devising additional teaching units under their own direction. Sales staff are able to take advantage of the expertise of their superiors and are thus ideally equipped for customer discussions in terms of both communication and technical skills. The end of the activity revealed significantly higher revenue figures. And team leaders who perform and enjoyed their management role, and still do so today.

Increased revenue through targeted use of staff training courses

To sum up.

Without any additional personnel requirements and almost exclusively from their own resources, the team leaders and sales staff succeeded not only in raising revenues but also the company’s efficiency. And they managed this, as the client requested, not through lengthy and cost-intensive coaching but through targeted, innovative stimuli from the specialists with aha! TALENTEXPERTS.

“Our train-the-trainer schemes raised employee performance and multiplied our client’s revenues.”

Martin. Senior Trainer, Nuremberg.

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