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“What makes our sales people so great? They are relationship builders who provide value and help customers win”

Isabella. Program Manager,







Starting point.

“We need a strong sales partner who will proactively support us in the acquisition of new cooperate partners while taking care of our complete sales cycle by maximizing the full potential of the market”

Our client, an international leader in digital media, had the above prerequisites when they approached us three years ago. It was their first time to work with an external service provider and thanks to our years of expertise, they trusted us with one of their most important business units: their sales division. 

Based in North America, our client saw a lot of potential in the European market and was looking for support in a new geographical area. After three successful years, we are proud of the achievements we have attained, and have also proven that we are indeed the right partner.

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International leader in digital media


14.000 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Inside sales
  • Lead generation
  • Account management
  • Client retention


At the beginning, we faced a transition challenge, when our client was merging different divisions under one umbrella. Breaking through the volatile market of digital media in a new region was challenging but since our client is one of the world’s biggest players in the internet market, we worked hand in hand and were able to withstand the strong competition. Our highly skilled sales employees implemented successful custom-made sales strategies. The outstanding results we have been receiving speak volumes about our capability. 


By taking care of the full sales cycle and the management of accounts, our team utilizes the full potential of the mid-market segment on behalf of our client. Using the following factors we exceed our client’s expectations.

Goal orientation

Through our multilingual and multicultural team, we diligently ensure the growth of our client’s customer base by acquiring new mid-market advertisers. Our dynamic and flexible team of sales experts are very goal-oriented. Covering six countries, we also support our client with campaign setups and their subsequent optimization.  

Exceptional relationship

The exceptionally tight cooperation between our team and our client is another highlight. Our employees ensure that the targets are met by tailoring the sales solutions. We have found the perfect balance between our stakeholders. In doing this, we not only enjoy the relationship and mutual trust but also promote the loyalty and satisfaction that we have with our partner.

Team spirit

Teamwork is our strength and our sales team efficiently works together as a powerful unit. The team-spirit is not only within us, but also with our client. This has definitely played a big role in our overall success.

Numbers don’t lie and we are delighted with these figures.

To sum up.

 "Honesty and integrity are the recipes of our success”. 

We have always been honest about our capabilities and the timeframe we need to get things done. This has led to an amazing relationship with our client. We are happy about the performance so far, and excited about the future milestones we will celebrate together with our client.  

“We started during a transformation phase for our client, but we faced the challenge head on. This way, we created a strong foundation for the project.”

Isabella. Program Manager, Barcelona

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