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“What really makes my day? Helping my client boost his business.”

Nuno. Team Leader Sales Support,


Nuno, 37.

Team Leader Sales Support in Lisbon since 2012.
B.A. in Management.

"Everyone in the team that I lead is different. Everyone has different strengths. It’s a bit like football, my hobby. When someone is in the right position and gives their best, you move ahead as a team. I really enjoy getting the most out of my people and awakening the talents of which they were previously unaware. And all of this in a city like Lisbon. What more could you want?"

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Starting position.

“Our sales department needs time to catch its breath. And to get started.”

The acquisition of new customers and the management and development of existing customers is actually one of the core tasks of sales employees - or at least it should be. In the case of one prominent producer of network solutions, the external sales force had lost sight of their actual business by taking on too many administrative duties. Time to take another look at the essentials. Time for the experts from LIVINGBRANDS.

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International leader of network solutions


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  • Marketing Budget Planning & Management
  • Campaign Planning & Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Quoting
  • Deal Management
  • Assistance


After a ten hours working day, everything has been dealt with. Everything, that is – apart from the actual core tasks. There was no time left for them because the sales staff were overburdened with administrative duties. Sales had lost its focus: minor tasks had increasingly gained the upper hand, meaning that the customer management and development, which is vital to raising revenue was being forced into the background. LIVINGBRANDS, already a worldwide sales partner of the client since 2003, was commissioned to take the load off the sales employees so that they could do their actual job. and also to optimize the sales division.


LIVINGBRANDS successfully gives the sales staff the support they need. The result: unburdened employees, who are finally able to devote themselves entirely to their customer acquisition.

Expert support.

Fast, smooth, uncompromising: in no time at all, LIVINGBRANDS assembled an experienced expert unit that was able to give sales a helping hand with the administration immediately. The unit was also able to reliably handle key areas such as contract management, opportunity management and bid preparation.

On the top: process optimization.

Not only has the burden been removed from sales – the specialists from LIVINGBRANDS are proactively working on additional solutions and continuously optimizing processes in the administration. A total of 15 teams are now working for the client. Their tasks include developing tools such as a budget planner, which sales can use to determine the deployment of marketing funds among the clients.

Europe is not enough.

The client’s target specifications were surpassed. The individual sales divisions are extremely satisfied. And LIVINGBRANDS received the order to expand the project to Africa and other regions as well. We started with support for clients in central and southern Europe from Lisbon. We now cover almost the whole of Europe and South Africa. This was an exciting follow-up order, and the finest confirmation we could possibly imagine.

Successful reduction in workload for sales and front office.

Nuno on his experiences with SELLBYTEL.

“As a team leader with LIVINGBRANDS, I am responsible for a group of more than 20 colleagues. We support several hundred sales staff so that they can manage their work and concentrate on customer development. At the beginning, I found it very difficult to delegate. But I’ve learned to rely on my people. Although we come from many different countries, when it comes to the job, we’re like 20 twins: each one knows exactly what needs to be done.”

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To sum up.

We back up your company with effective, customer-oriented solutions and qualified specialists. We lighten your load so that you have time to look at what is essential: your success.

“My hobbies? Soccer and beating my client’s expectations.”

Nuno. Teamlead Sales Support, Lisbon.

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