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“Generating 40% growth isn’t rocket science. But it sure boosted my client’s market position.”

Lily. External Sales Force Employee,


Lily, 35.

External Sales Force Employee with SELLBYTEL in Singapore since 2011.
B.A. in Information Technology

“Road warrior” – I prefer this term to that of “sales representative”. Why? Because road warrior is a better description of my work: I strengthen small and medium-sized sales partners so that they achieve success. When I started here, the partner network wasn’t using its resources to the optimum. However, with modern marketing tools and my know-how, I was able to unlock a tremendous potential amongst the partners.

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Starting position.

“Our business development in Asia is as exciting as a bowl of rice.”

This is roughly how someone might have described the task of a leading international producer of network solutions. It came as no surprise: support for the sales partners was insufficient. The task for the specialists of SELLBYTEL was therefore to set up an effective external sales force.

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International leader of network solutions


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Partner Hunting
  • Field Sales


Motivated, highly proficient, as fast as possible: the aim was to recruit and train a team of external sales force employees for the Asiatic region in the shortest time possible. This would be a team capable of inspiring sales partners in Asia for our client’s network solutions.


Coaches say that you shouldn’t sit too closely together during interviews. In our application procedure this danger did not arise because the applicants were several thousand kilometers away – the interviews took place by videoconference. Despite all the challenges we put together a highly proficient team of motivated external sales force specialists for our client. And this can also be demonstrated in figures.

Experience leads to quality.

SELLBYTEL has already recruited several hundred sales specialists for the producer of network solutions. They are at work in more than 30 countries. This know-how was essential for selecting the highly qualified candidates.

Made-to-measure training.

The just over 20 members of the external sale force selected received thorough on-the-job training, using schedules of client meetings, value propositions and other sales components. We also proactively established two additional new sales roles: field sales officers provide on-site support for the partners with technical know-how and inside sales specialists advise the telecommunications service provider directly on the selling of network products. In this way the market potential for our client is exploited to the full.

The practical test.

Are these all merely claims? Not at all; there is proof of the success because transparency is part of our services. Weekly telephone conferences with the team manager provide our client with information on turnover, new customers and successes in activation. And from the outset, target achievement is over 100 per cent in all areas.

The show can go on.

The greatest reward for us is a follow-up order. We received this in 2012. The external sales force in the European region was to be reorganized. That order that led to a revolution: only three months after taking on the order, year-on-year growth was more than 40%!

New customer development in the various locations after the project launch

Lily on her experiences with SELLBYTEL.

“When I’m back on my way to a client as a Road Warrior, I’m never alone. That’s because I’m prepared. For success. This is because SELLBYTEL backs me up with all the sales elements that I need: value propositions, communication training and presentation skills. I therefore feel secure – and can inspire clients. In addition to this, there are regular telephone conferences with my team manager. Control? That’s not how I see it. Instead it’s an aid. In this way, I learn to become better all the time.”

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To sum up.

Stagnating turnover figures, tight schedules, application interviews at a distance of 4,000 km: even under less than optimum conditions we produce top performance for our clients. This is because we use joined-up thinking, act in a structured way and can look back on a wealth of experience for our clients' benefit.

“I’m a kind of teacher. I teach my client’s partners how to be successful.”

Lily. External Sales Force Employee, Singapore.

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