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“Our client lost considerable profits. But luckily, my team and I dislike losing.”

Anna. Operations Manager,


Anna, 31.

Operations Manager in Barcelona since 2011.
Master in English, Communication and Public Relations.

As Operations Manager, I am responsible for the performance of more than 100 sales employees. I derive a lot of pleasure from motivating my team to achieve top performances and become better and better as a unit. This is particularly possible because you are not left on your own at SELLBYTEL: we have continual coaching and training sessions in which we learn something new. This allows me to grow in the company – and to improve myself .

Is this something that you want and are capable of as well? Come and show us.

Is this something that you want and are capable of as well? Come and show us.

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Starting position.

“If our partner network were only half as good as our IT products …”

A leading international IT producer was facing a challenge: because of its ineffective and partly inactive partner network, it was losing out on important sales in Europe and Africa. It was also missing the structures to effectively expand its partner network further. SELLBYTEL, the client’s outsourcing partner since 1990, was commissioned to restructure the channel management.

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Worldwide leading IT producer


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Channel Management


Reactivate and further expand a sales network of 150,000 partners. This was a difficult operation. An additional challenge came in the form of an internationally declining PC market. Hopeless? No, but demanding.

And solvable with the right strategy.


What indicates a strong partnership with the client? The fact that you show your client new approaches. This is precisely what SELLBYTEL does in optimizing the client’s partner network: the existing partners receive new stimuli. They are supplied with instruments for increasing revenue in the form of marketing campaigns and special offers. And because specialist knowledge comes before sales, they receive product training, marketing guidelines and even special support from the sales specialists if the revenue targets are not fulfilled.

Time is revenue.

Within a very short time span, SELLBYTEL put together a team of more than one hundred experts based in Barcelona who smoothly and efficiently took over the entire channel management. These efforts quickly bore fruit: the partners from 26 countries feel especially appreciated – not least because of direct contacts speak their mother tongue.

Training and qualification of new partners.

SELLBYTEL also took on the entire process of acquiring new partners. A specially developed training system ensures that the new partner has an up-to-date product knowledge. Following a phased system, the partners also have the opportunity to rise to the position of a top partner through sales successes. Thus, they can then benefit from an even more comprehensive service package.

Success is rewarded.

The multi-layered efforts soon had an impact. The partners profited from the structured procedures. They now feel that they have the optimum support and the know-how and structures to boost their turnover figures. New partners are being added all the time. As a result, the IT producer is managing to record constant growth in turnover despite the declining PC market.

Constant growth through new stimuli.

Anna on her experiences with SELLBYTEL.

"My employees are my teachers. Sounds strange, but it isn’t. This is because I learn something new every day: that you can’t bend people but have to exploit their strengths. I bear the responsibility for these strengths. In addition, I have learned constructive leadership: if someone does not achieve their targets, it’s not a question of sanctions, but of showing them ways to succeed.”

Are you a leadership personality like Anna?

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To sum up.

If the sales partners are able to improve themselves, sales will grow as well. Efficient channel management planned down to the finest detail was able to revive and further expand the IT producer’s partner network. Our client and its partners were thus able to profit from significantly increased sales figures.

“I helped to reanimate our client’s partner network. Call me Doctor Channel Management.”

Anna. Operations Manager, Barcelona.

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