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“Social Media is my hobby. I’m lucky I could make it my job as well.”

Inga. Inside Sales Manager,


Inga, 26.

Inside Sales Manager in Barcelona since 2012.
B.A. in Business Administration.

"Social Media? In my case, it’s every day, even during work time. How do I manage that? I support the advertising customers of a large social media platform in successfully placing their products and thus increasing their turnover. In this respect, social media offers completely new opportunities. Well, it turns out that my dad was wrong after all: it is possible to develop a career and have fun at the same time!"

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Starting position.

“There are countless advertising opportunities with us. We want to have just as many customers.”

A leading worldwide social media platform wishes to secure the top position in online advertising in Europe, just as it has done in the USA. The plan: marketing specialists would inspire potential business clients with the multifaceted integrated advertising options of the platform and convince them of the potential for success.

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Worldwide leading social media platform


1,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Lead Generation
  • Inside Sales


Paper is patient. Customers are less so. This is why a highly specialized and equally motivated unit of sales and marketing professionals was to be set up and managed. This needed to be completed almost as quickly as typing a posting. Similarly urgent was the development of a strategy to bond advertising customers.


Young, fast, successful: social media platforms are among the most modern and fastest-growing business sectors in the world.  These have tremendous growth potential but also involve complex laws and regulations. Thanks to the measurable increase in advertising clients, we at SELLBYTEL were able to prove that we also act successfully in this sector. And that core values such as experience, transparency and efficiency are timeless.

Success calls for the right specialists.

It all started with the recruitment of marketing and sales professionals who met the special requirements of social media advertising. The recruitment experience of SELLBYTEL very quickly made it possible to mobilize 30 professionals who took over the sales activities without any further delay. The team was based in Barcelona because this location specializes in the consolidation of EMEA-wide sales projects.

Three phases. One target.

The good news is that social media advertising is extremely diverse. The bad news: many business clients are not aware of this fact. This is why the start was marked by the development of a three-phase program. After the generation and qualification of leads, the marketing managers work with the customers to specify the campaign and budget. At the end, the customers receive a concentrated charge of expertise in 28 days. This is how they become familiar with, and learn to appreciate, the full potential of advertising opportunities tailored to their needs. 
In addition, we also support advertising agencies in planning campaigns for their clients.

Growth beyond all expectations.

And the figures? Impressive: the targets defined by the social media platform were not only achieved, but exceeded by almost twofold. Within one year, the team has quadrupled in size and now manages some 30 countries in EMEA. Barcelona has been reinforced, and an additional team has been established in Nuremberg to provide support for the German-speaking region. The key to our success is our client’s confidence in our performance. The turnover volume per client is increasing constantly.

Successful demand and sales generation in the three-stage model.

Inga on her experiences with SELLBYTEL.

" At first glance, the expectations placed on us seemed both, high but also difficult to fulfil. Within a short time span, our client wanted to be just as successful in Europe as in the core market of the USA. At times our job was pretty tough, but my team and I managed it. And I learned a lot about myself. For example, I observed that high requirements drive me on. I need this kick. This is why I’m now taking part in the supervisor program. And I’m already looking forward to it, because that will certainly be a challenge!”

Do you have the same drive as Inga?

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To sum up.

Social media services will benefit from the cooperation with SELLBYTEL. Why? Because we rely on our tried-and-tested strengths, which include effective project planning, a structured approach and intelligent recruiting.

“I love making new friends. And new customers.”

Inga. Inside Sales Manager, Barcelona.

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