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“Why do I like my job? Because I’m looking after products that I love.”

Tarek. Customer Service Representative,


Tarek, 23.

Customer Representative in Berlin since 2011
B.A. School of Business.

"At SELLBYTEL I can give free rein to my passion for computers and gadgets. And develop a career at the same time, as a customer sales representative for an international consumer electronics corporation. This is where I make crucial decisions for my future with SELLBYTEL and beyond."

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Starting position.

“We have a serious problem: everyone wants our products.“

An international consumer electronics company approached us with these words in 2007. “We need a solution for the additional service requirements, and we need it fast." “Fast” for our customer meant 3 weeks; “solution” meant trained service personnel in SELLBYTEL premises with a full technical infrastructure.

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Leading producer of IT lifestyle products


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • Online Store 
  • Service Center
  • Sales


The specific assignment was to set up a 50-person sales and service team in Barcelona within 3 weeks. With a highly specialized multilingual team to manage all phases of the buying and service process for 10 countries. Challenge accepted.


Did we manage it? More than that – we mastered it. We surpassed all of our client’s expectations, particularly with respect to the key factors of expertise, efficiency and quality. Yes, and we did all of this precisely in 21 days. And nights.

Expert advice.

Personnel planning, training, performance management. All of this would have cost our client time. It cost us time as well. What helped us immensely was our many years of experience and effective process expertise.

Quality and efficiency.

End customers need looking after. Not just through product quality but with excellent customer service. Here we could see that our recruitment section and trainers not only carried out the work quickly but also to the maximum effect: after all, in the key performance indicators (KPI) of revenue per call and customer satisfaction we scored top results. That’s good for us and even better for our client – because satisfied customers are the most loyal fans.

To be continued.

Mission accomplished? Yes indeed, and not only this mission. On the back of this outstanding performance, our next order was for a further international sales and service center in Berlin in 2010, in which I’m involved. In 2014 we received yet another order for the Asian-Pacific area, in Kuala Lumpur. Here we used the knowledge present in the existing team and developed high potentials to become specialist trainers. What’s more, we also work for our client in the field of technical service with another large team based at the Barcelona and Lisbon locations. Incidentally, the 50 employees have since become several hundred.

Success needs control.

The present total of three international sales and service centers brings new challenges and issues. For example: How can you optimally manage teams who are spread over several countries? Our experience led to the awareness that many contacts make communication more difficult. This is why our clients have assistance from a central project manager instead of several local managers. The name of this strategy is “Single Point of Contact” - Management. Or in other words: efficient communication.

Development and expansion of additional service locations

Tarek on his experiences with SELLBYTEL.

“When customers call me up with questions, I take them seriously and do everything I can to solve the query. This is second nature for me – it’s part of the corporate culture at SELLBYTEL. After all, if I’m not satisfied with a particular procedure, my superior will also take me seriously. There are no rigid hierarchies with us. Everyone can get involved and use this to make progress. I want to pass on this corporate culture, which is why I have now entered my name for the management program.”

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To sum up.

No deadline is too tight. No challenge too great. Our client counted on us and we surpassed their expectations. The follow-up orders prove that you can rely 100% on our knowledge, coordination ability and quality awareness.

“We started off in Barcelona, then came centers in Berlin and Kuala Lumpur as well. Success knows no boundaries.“

Tarek. Customer Service Representative, Berlin.

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