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“Within one night, we successfully migrated the complete technical helpdesk. Why successful? Nobody noticed.”

Michael. Technical Support Specialist,


Michael, 33.

Employee on User Help Desk with HELPBYCOM in Dusseldorf since 2009.
Trained as an IT systems expert

"When I was 12, I showed my father how to program in Basic. Now, 20 years later, I still like doing that: helping people with software problems. This is why, as an employee in the technical support section of a large German bank in Germany, I am the point of contact in all technical issues concerning online banking. It still gives me a great feeling when, for example, I can help a company with complex issues."

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Starting position.

“Our first-level support has to become first class.”

The aspiration of our client, a worldwide leading German bank, was quite apparent. The assignment: HELPBYCOM was to take over and optimize the entire technical support for e-banking.

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Worldwide leading German bank


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



  • 1st Level and 2nd Level Support
  • Technical Field Service


Take the following scenario: a call to the technical service desk of the major bank. On the line is the worried financial accountant of a large automobile group. His worries are indeed justified. There are technical problems with the transfer of salaries – thousands of employees would be affected by this. The example clearly shows that the technical support needed to be prepared for anything and trained to an outstanding level.

And that is our special area.


When employees ring our client with a problem concerning their technical support, they want solutions – and they want them fast: Simply operating a technical service desk on a regular basis is a huge task. In this case, it was accompanied by the complete takeover of an ongoing process. Yet thanks to its many years of experience, HELPBYCOM was able to cope with this challenge to the client’s complete satisfaction. Furthermore, the increases in efficiency achieved by HELPBYCOM were able to significantly reduce costs.

Friendly takeover.

The best takeover phase is that which nobody notices. It started with a transition team. Experts from a wide variety of departments, such as IT, Training, Operation and Account Management, worked on migrating the technical support – at full stretch and with success: the takeover took place smoothly and swiftly. The support became even considerably better than it had been previously.

Train hard.

Money and highly qualified employees have one thing in common: you want to hold on to them. The first task therefore was to prevent the existing IT specialists from moving away. Then the profiles of the support levels were sharpened: the employees received practical and theoretical training modules specially developed by HELPBYCOM. This enabled them to deal with callers’ problems even more precisely and quickly.

Over the top.

Migration of the technical service was a complete success. Key performance indicators show this too: the first-call resolution rate in 1st and 2nd level support is outstanding. And the restructured technical field service deals with the “hard” cases almost always within the shortest reaction time.

Overachievement of the resolution rate at all levels.

Michael on his experiences with HELPBYCOM.

“We take over the entire e-banking support for our client: 1st level, 2nd level and technical field service. We have worked hard for the trust that our client displays in us – there’s no question of that. And we are still doing this every day. Yesterday, for instance, I helped a large customer to process 10,000 credit transfers in time despite a software problem. It wasn’t simple, but when it succeeded, that gave me a great feeling.”

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To sum up.

Like changing drivers at top speed, HELPBYCOM not only managed to successfully take over a running process but also to optimize it. How do we manage this? By being strict with ourselves: nobody inspects our work as closely as we do.

“Never change a running system. Unless you can make it run faster.“

Michael, Employee on User Help Desk, Dusseldorf.

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