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2019-04-29, Nuremberg

AI & Automation: Improving the customer experience

While AI and automation are not new terms, they now have more practical applications which have been fueled by the abundance of data and also the ever-increasing customer expectations.

Predictive text, driverless vehicles, chatbots, interactive voice response, smart speakers, digital assistance....all these examples are enough to make one assume that we humans now prefer to interact with machines rather than each other. 

On behalf of Webhelp, YouGov conducted a survey with 2000 participants in February. The result was quite astonishing with an overwhelming majority indicating their preference of direct human contact in comparison to artificial intelligence in the following topics:

  • 85% on questions about invoices
  • 84% with complaint submissions
  • 78% when it comes to troubleshooting issues
  • 77% on the subject of product advice
  • 73% for new orders
  • 62% when updating their account details

Read more on Webhelp’s informative white paper here.