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2019-07-22, Nuremberg

Career Talk: Aisyah Salleh – Persistence always pays off!

In our latest success story, we get to know Aisyah Salleh who currently holds the Lead - Business Intelligence position at Sellbytel | Webhelp. Aisyah who studied Business Administration at the UNITAR International University was born and raised in Malaysia. Currently, she is undertaking an MBA degree at the same university along with self-development and business intelligence technical courses to enhance her knowledge and practical work. 

Aisyah, could you please give as an insight into your start in Sellbytel | Webhelp, and how your career has developed since then?  

Sure. I joined the Sellbytel | Webhelp Group as a Team Leader back in 2014. From there I made my way into the Business Intelligence team which was a huge step forward for me.

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