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2019-01-10, Nuremberg

Career talk: Alkan Bal - “Every day is different, challenging and exciting”

Meet our friendly colleague Alkan who is a real “Franke” as the locals are called. He was born and raised in Nuremberg Germany. During his time studying Bachelor of trading commerce, he worked in the customer service department for a global leading brand in the fashion industry. After successfully graduating, he continued his career in the company for six years. He then moved to Sweden and worked as a Global Operation Planner for three years. Despite the great time he was having, he wanted to face a new challenge and moved back home to his family and friends. 

Shortly after his return, Enis Demir the Managing Director of RIGHTHEAD convinced him to join SELLBYTEL. Together with Volker Häßler the Managing Director of SELLBYTEL, they had a great discussion that left Alkan determined to not only join but also develop his career in an international environment.  

He joined SELLBYTEL in September 2017 as an Operations Manager for our client, a leading provider of internet services.

Read the full interview here.