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2019-01-07, Nuremberg

Customer experience – what to expect in 2019

A new year it is and contact center companies and customer experience specialists are all about upgrading their efforts to improve their customer experience index scores. According to a recent survey carried out by Forrester, the customer experience efforts of 62% of the brands analyzed showed little improvement. So what causes the setbacks?

  • Management – Building the program, creating a credible governance structure, acquiring and retaining talent, make the proper management of customer experience a challenging task 
  • Performance – Establishing a clear link between a company’s growth results and the experiences the customers enjoy, calls for the anticipation of customers behaviors and expectations which is sometimes difficult owing to the volatility of the markets. 
  • Measurement – Knowing how and where to invest so as to grow revenue and create value for the customer needs a lot of precision and persistence. This is key for gaining positive and lasting results.

These among other factors have to be duly implemented in order to guarantee an outstanding customer experience that sustainably enhances the customer satisfaction as well as up a company’s revenue.

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