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2018-06-21, Nuremberg

Cutting-edge solutions in the internet service sector

Undoubtedly, the internet has become a huge part of our lives. In today’s generation, we rely on the internet to accomplish various tasks conveniently and in just a few clicks. Due to its versatility, the internet is considered to be an immense library, telephone network, world-wide message board as well as a publishing medium. Constantly, we continue to optimize and expand our solutions within this industry, with an international provider of internet services. Originally, we established a technical support team for the B2B sector that was offering our solutions only within Europe. Thanks to our transparency and efficiency, the project quickly succeeded and expanded to the APAC markets. 

Our long-standing collaboration continues to thrive and strengthen as we steadily receive new service profiles to provide technical support in both EMEA and the APAC region. Currently we are increasing our teams in Barcelona with service specialists who will provide Engineer Technical Support Services to top designated customers in EMEA. Their focus will be on tracking products and customer issues by documenting root cause, providing steps to reproduce and suggesting resolutions for complex issues. Likewise, a new social-community team in Kuala Lumpur will focus on providing product technical support for customers who use forums and social media channels in the APAC region. Read our case study to find out more about our successful cooperation.

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