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2019-07-15, Nuremberg

Designing a seamless collaboration between humans and AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been all the buzz in the past years. Although the term “machine learning” came about 60 years ago, it has tremendously impacted our everyday lives in recent years – even without us noticing. It affects us from augmentation of autocorrection when writing a message and goes all the way to self-driven cars. Businesses have jumped on the bandwagon and progressively continue to integrate intelligent tools such as, customer interactions centers with chat bots. All these developments make us envision how our role as humans will develop in the future.

Webhelp’s YouGov Study of over 2000 people showed that the vast majority choose to speak to a human over an AI-fueled customer service advisor. Despite this, David Pattman, Innovation Director of Webhelp, believes that the key to success will be found in collaboration – human advisors working alongside AI to drive innovation forward and dramatically improve our social and working lives. It will also allow businesses to enjoy increased productivity and efficiency without negatively impacting the customer experience.

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