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2019-03-07, Nuremberg

Enhancing customer experience through WebRTC

It is with no doubt that people have changed the way they consume. Businesses have all had to adapt to keep up. The interaction with customers to deliver promotions, close sales or provide after sales support is a crucial part of a digital engagement that requires real time communications. WebRTC is a free and open system that provides Real-Time Communications to the users. It is a major trend this year because, it provides a seamless customer experience and also has excellent ROI prospects. Additional advantages are: 

1- WebRTC is the most natural voice solution for the customer
It’s easy to use: a user sees a button that offers to talk to an advisor on a web page or in a mobile app. And with just one click, it’s done!

Through the WebRTC technology, browser-to-browser communication is enabled. Voice passes through the PC microphone, then through the Internet instead of the telephone. And there is no plugin needed to download in the browser. The voice connection with an agent is immediate, which is not the case with click-to-call or webcallback, which generally requires leaving your number to be called back.

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