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2019-04-08, Nuremberg

Inside sales – The new generation of B2B salespeople

Over the past years, there has been a massive migration to the inside sales model thanks to the technology advancement. Managers are now able to provide their sales representatives with better data, track their performance in real-time and help them to be more successful.

The B2B sales has adopted a new model of American origin which is more efficient. Their profile and working methods are presented by Etienne Turion, Webhelp Enterprise CEO.

1. What are the new challenges in the sale of B2B products and services?

First observation: “cold” contact is done largely in B2B. Call campaigns are no longer launched on the basis of a simple list of contacts. The first challenge is therefore to better understand the targets, upstream through analytically optimized data in order to create a finer segmentation and to carry out highly targeted marketing initiatives.

Second observation: B2B buyers are becoming better informed and connected, thanks to social networks in particular. Better prepared purchases lead to more confidence in remote contacts. As a result, they no longer need to have met and shaken hands with a salesperson to place an order.

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