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2017-07-06, Nuremberg

New technologies – cognitive intelligence

Intelligence, in general, is the ability to comprehend complex ideas and thoughts. Intelligence includes both emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence. Emotional intelligence is demonstrated through empathy, caring, emotion and many other factors. Cognitive Intelligence relates to the capability to learn and absorb complex and abstract issues and resolve them.

The latest technological innovations are taking the artificial intelligence field by storm, so are solutions that provide cognitive “assisted” intelligence. Cognitive learning abilities can be mimicked and continuously improved through automated deep learning.

There are already various solutions available that will not only take in the information and process it, but continuously ask questions to improve the learning process. Latest advances include innovations that base their solutions on analytics from previously gathered data.

Emotion recognition, like face or video recognition, is another area that can power cognitive assisted learning technologies. Cognitive assisted learning will not only improve the understanding of the customer journey, it can also improve employee performance – by acting as a personal knowledge trainer to support in daily tasks and functions.

SELLBYTEL increasingly benefits from implementing the latest automated inventions into our internal processes – from innovative sales, to service and support solutions.

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