2017-01-09, Nuremberg

SELLBYTEL Develops New Efficiency Processes

Next to quality and transparency, efficiency constitutes one of the SELLBYTEL Group’s key values. In order to enhance this continuously, we regularly question and optimize all of our processes in our daily business in various support functions, like IT, Training or Human Resources. We believe in maximum efficiency at all times!

That’s why we introduced new specialized efficiency processes last year, which we developed and tested at one of our international hubs. We realigned and optimized our business and our processes by applying proven COPC standards (Customer Operations Performance Center = special Performance Management Systems and Trainings for particularly customer oriented companies). The result: significant efficiency gains. That’s how we accelerated various management processes within the organization by up to 80 %.

Markus Schoellmann, Vice President Strategy, adds: “Thanks to our successful “Efficiency Lab”, we will transfer the concept to many more international locations and projects. So our goal is to work even more efficiently with the help of proven tools and thereby achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.”

For further information on the topic of efficiency feel free to get back to:

Markus Schöllmann

Vice President Strategy

Phone +49 911 9339 3380

E-mail Markus.Schoellmann@sellbytel.de