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2013-11-25, Nuremberg

SELLBYTEL Group Business Blog: Outsourcing of social media?

Almost every second company in Germany (47 percent) uses social media and another 15 percent have specific plans to do so. Social media is popular with both small and medium businesses as well as with bigger corporations – this is proven by a study that was conducted by Techconsult on behalf of BITKOM.

But what does the usage of social media look like? Are the different channels used efficiently or do Facebook Twitter considered more as a toy?
In their recent article on the SELLBYTEL Business Blog, Christopher von Kuczkowski, Vice President Sales of the SELLBYTEL Group, and his colleague Philippe Pilath, Account Manager, show why companies are challenged to use their social media channels strategically for marketing, sales and service and why they often fail.

As a solution they show how outsourcing social media can significally increase the return on invest, when conducted properly.

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