2017-01-05, Nuremberg

SELLBYTEL Group: Top Quality In 2016 – And Onwards!

The SELLBYTEL Group has always been about excellent quality! Every day our passionate employees give their best to deliver superior quality solutions at our more than 60 locations across the globe.

A prime example for our outstanding quality focus is our Quality Department in Barcelona. The team supports other departments in optimizing their quality levels. Irene Miralles, one of the team members, just scored 100 % in the COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center). The standard includes a performance management scheme with a range of management practices, key metrics and training formats for highly customer-oriented operations.

2016 was full of successful new milestones for our Quality Department. 2017 will see us continuously developing all our quality initiatives. One of our processes, the “Voice of the Customer” scheme, includes detailed analyses of customer satisfaction rates, employees‘ voices, CRM and monitoring for clients in the sports, fashion ad internet services industries. The correlation between these factors was identified and used for quality optimization.

We further launched a new consulting service for customer satisfaction processes in 2016. Here our Quality Analysts have applied their expertise in process documentation. In this instance, creating satisfaction for our FMCG partner was a huge success.

Furthermore we carried out our “DMAIC” (Define - Measure - Analyse - Improve – Control) methodology together with two projects from the IT lifestyle and internet services sector. This is based on the Six Sigma model. The process offers a collection of tools for optimizing business workflows and includes a practice for quality enhancement. Our Quality colleagues assist by defining, measuring and evaluating processes, such as analyzing the channels that generate the highest customer satisfaction.

Andrea Largo, Director of Quality, proudly says: “By following different quality improvement schemes and certifications, we will continue to further optimize our processes in 2017, while offering our clients even higher quality standards.”

Our quality approach in Barcelona is a great inspiration for all our SELLBYTEL locations!