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2019-08-19, Nuremberg

The importance of trust-based marketing

In recent years, the internet has been under attack with fabricated news, fake social media profiles and high-profile data mining scandals. As a result, Facebook and twitter have been suspending billions of suspicious accounts from their platforms. Consequently, there has been an increase in mistrust and uncertainty amongst the users. Companies are now facing the challenge of re-establishing and retaining trust with their customers in the online sector. When designing solutions, it is key to acknowledge that digital trust is not the same as was the case with traditional models.

Interestingly, digital trust seems to work under different parameters as Southampton University discovered back in 2011. They undertook a unique study which identified the key factors in rating trust in websites, which were identified as (in order); Easy to find information, Easy to read, Coherent and Simple. They clearly linked trust to ease in online journeys, something that is core to producing effective CX. 

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