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2018-11-26, Nuremberg

Transitional marketplaces for B2C and B2B

Online shopping makes our life easier and has grown tremendously during the past decade. From shoes to cars, travel experiences or even houses – e-commerce is part of nearly every step in the sales process. While the main focus in the past was providing a good user experience for end consumers purchasing a product or service, e-commerce platforms have rapidly extended to include B2B sales. Enhancing the customer experience and providing an omni-channel solution is always the main focus, which has now opened new doors for many companies in the B2B sector targeting a wider audience than previously. There are a few distinctive key factors that can shape the growth process for B2B e-commerce providers. Read our latest business blog to find out more.

We are pleased to work with global leading e-commerce companies. Owing to our many years of experience, we support our clients with setting up and enhancing their e-commerce marketplaces.

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