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Outsourcing excellence.

We live and breathe your brand.

The SELLBYTEL Group is one of the world’s leading international outsourcing experts. And the diversity of our solutions is correspondingly large and individual. By providing innovation, the SELLBYTEL Group has been assisting clients in the fields of sales, service, support, human resources, training, healthcare and back office solutions  throughout the world for 30 years. We not only work for global top brands, we live and breathe their products, services and solutions.

Our success is based on the principles of transparency, efficiency and quality. These are the standards against which we are measured. Come and see for yourself: our outsourcing solutions reduce costs, improve economic success and uncover new potential.

Worldwide Presence

The SELLBYTEL Group is a global player: with presences at more than 60 locations around the world – from Moscow to Johannesburg, from San Francisco to Sydney and with a continuously growing network of additional locations, which always operates locally at your side. As a tier one  outsourcing provider, we are able to successfully meet your requirements by efficiently operating within your desired strategic and geographic areas.

Innovative Brands

One company, seven strong brands: the product portfolio of the SELLBYTEL Group has been significantly expanded since its founding in 1988. Our brand  SELLBYTEL is thus a service provider that specializes in taking charge of and optimizing processes to accompany sales and service. HELPBYCOM is programmed to carry out perfect IT support for your infrastructure while LIVINGBRANDS develops innovative concepts for all sales strategies and measurably increases your turnover.
RIGHTHEAD is our specialist in Human Resource Management. MEDEXPERTS supplies individual sales and service solutions in pharmaceuticals and medical engineering, as well as for health insurance companies. And our experienced trainers from aha! TALENTEXPERTS provide customer-specific coaching sessions to ensure that your managers and staff are  exceptionally qualified and continually developed.

Expansive History

We at the SELLBYTEL Group see ourselves as business process improvement experts– we  are proud that we have continued to improve since our founding 30 years ago. During this period, we have developed long-term strategic partnerships and have expanded both our competencies and our locations around the world, step by step. Come and get to know us, our history and the key milestones behind our success.

Successful Management

The SELLBYTEL Group was founded in 1988 by Michael Raum. The key to his success was unwavering dedication to professionalism and his ability to transfer his creative ideas to the employees of the SELLBYTEL Group. This especially applies to the people who bear the leadership responsibilities for the SELLBYTEL Group – the members of the Management Board. All of these members contribute their own individual talents, values and personal know-how to the company’s overall success with the highest levels of quality, transparency and efficiency.

Diversity and Equality

The SELLBYTEL Group firmly believes in creating a working environment in which all employees are treated equally and are offered the same opportunities.

Diversity is defined as a variety of different characteristics, including every employee´s own experiences, perspectives and viewpoints, and all attributes that make each person unique, like age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, disability, or orientation. This allows us to create solutions that engage and inspire our global clients.

It is our goal to cultivate an environment that offers opportunities for great talent, outstanding ideas and growth, and that creates awareness and pride in our organization.

Our commitment to employee diversity and inclusion drives our unique culture and vibe while stimulating corporate social responsibility, communication, innovation and fresh ways of thinking. This is how we build a strong team spirit and mutual respect among colleagues, which generates superior business results for our valued clients and cultivates a sustainable competitive advantage.

SELLBYTEL honored by FOCUS Money

In times of social media and word-of-mouth marketing, an excellent reputation has become a decisive differentiator for businesses from all sectors and sizes. The SELLBYTEL Group has been honored a top spot in the category “Best Reputation” by FOCUS Money. With our score of 89,9 out of 100 points, we are ranked third out of 512 companies in the categories sustainability, management, employer, efficiency and product & service. This recently published study covers more than 5000 businesses from 50 sectors, of which over 500 were honored.

Plus, we are among the top 10 companies in the category “Top Career Opportunities”, another renowned FOCUS Money honor. With a score of 88,8 out of 100 points, we were just named an excellent employer in terms of career development within the area of consulting. We are among the ten best businesses out of a total of 2000 companies – of which more than 600 were honored – in the categories leadership culture, sustainability, career development, employer image and innovation. Both study results are based on the web monitoring tool WebAnalyzer.

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