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Back Office by SELLBYTEL Group

You take care of your core business. We’ll do the rest.

Easing the burden
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We sustainably take the load of your company in the back office area. Using individual approaches and specialized solutions, we standardize activities that your customers may not directly perceive, yet have a strong direct influence on their satisfaction. In all areas of presales, sales and postsales. For your growth – and your success.

Improve quality. Increase efficiency. Ensure transparency.

Solutions: individual.

We constantly design solutions for your company that ideally match your strategy and orientation. All processes concerned with presales, sales and postsales are analysed and optimized. Processes that your customer may not directly notice but nevertheless contribute to a very positive customer experience. Take advantage of our expertise.

Customer satisfaction: high.

We provide a high level of customer satisfaction in your company. Our experts know precisely where fine adjustment is required to ensure your customers are satisfied. So that you in turn are satisfied with us. Only then we will be satisfied.

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Markus von Rhein
Managing Director SELLBYTEL Group

Phone +49 911 9339 3611

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Optimizing processes is a requirement: in all areas of the sales cycle.

What you gain: your added value.

We assure your company of long-term added value through the implementation of efficiency processes:

  • Lighten the burden on your front office with up to 50% more time for your core tasks
  • Efficient integration into your company’s processes and teams
  • Maintain and increase customer satisfaction
  • Permanent ongoing development and improvement of all back office processes
  • Transparent, traceable development due to regular, standardized reporting

"A level of 100% positive customer satis-faction is guaranteed if, in addition to the direct customer contact, the upstream and downstream processes are optimized as well."

Markus von Rhein, Managing Director SELLBYTEL Group

For you at a glance: our portfolio of services.

As individual as your company.

Presales / Sales Solutions

Our range of services:

  • Marketing budget & campaign planning & management
  • Opportunity management
  • Partner advisor
  • Quoting
  • Support for the front desk in preparing and calculating quotes, information on promotions and offering project prices

The added value for you:

  • Reduced load on front office and sales
  • Time savings
  • Indirect increase of revenues
  • Professional communication

Postsales Solutions

Our range of services:

  • Deal management (order inspection, tracking and allocation)
  • Order entry, management & fulfilment

The added value for you:

  • Standardized processes
  • Fast and correct allocation of orders and revenues
  • Reduced load on front office
  • Short processing times

Invoice Management

Our range of services:

  • Clarification of invoice matters with the partners, distributors or end customers

The added value for you:

  • Standardized processes
  • Short processing times
  • High flexibility


Our range of services:

  • Team assistance (support and reduced load for entire teams)
  • Personal assistance (executive assistance, exclusive assistance for a decision-maker or manager)

The added value for you:

  • Short processing times
  • Professional communication
  • High flexibility (fast employee recruitment and reduction)
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Reduced load on sales

Website Management

Our range of services:

  • Updating, administration and maintenance of website contents

The added value for you:

  • Professional website management
  • Constant updating
  • Reduced load on marketing

Social Media Interaction

Our range of services:

  • Control and management of your social media communication
  • Active support in directing public opinion and topics presented

The added value for you:

  • Creation of an individual social media communication strategy (jointly with your company)
  • Assurance of a uniform presence
  • Transparency regarding the opinion of your clients
  • Proactive communication

Social Content Moderation

Our range of services:

  • Social Media Monitoring / Moderation
  • Online Community Management
  • Creation of guidelines for clients and maintenance of relevant documents
  • Customer relationship management: integration of customers and regular communication
  • Reaction to fan posts, comments, complaints and positive feedback
  • Social Media Account Management for all social media channels
  • Provision of the respective monitoring tool by SELLBYTEL if needed

The added value for you:

  • Protection of the brand and increase of loyalty through extraordinary customer experience
  • Early detection of a possible brand depreciation
  • Fast reaction to customer content: prevention of negative feedback by the community
  • Direct customer feedback combined with low expenditure
  • Protection of a spam-free and secure social online environment for the end customers 

Fraud Prevention

Our range of services:

  • Early detection of frauds
  • Development of guidelines and codices for handling fraud cases
  • Regular review of data
  • Protection of customers from possible fraud
  • Safe handling of sensitive customer data
  • Detection of trademark infringements

The added value for you:

  • Early detection of potential frauds
  • Risk minimization for financial losses
  • Enhancement of customer trust in the brand
  • Prevention of brand damage

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