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Customer-oriented. Thrilling. Successful. For 30 years.

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Our objective is to secure the greatest possible added value for our clients – through individual solutions in the management of your customers. How? Perfect with absolute precision, always present where you recognize a demand: presales, sales and postsales, customer services or back office solutions. Whatever you opt for, SELLBYTEL Group always supplies you with highly efficient services. Our portfolio is as wide-ranging as your challenges. Hence our success and growth since our establishment in 1988.

Always in view: your success in service.

Service quality: optimized.

SELLBYTEL Group wants everything to run as smoothly as possible for you and your clients. In order to ensure this, our teams work exclusively for your company. Through external and internal benchmarks, we optimize processes and keep the costs low. The results back us up: higher resolution rates, short processing times, increased quality.

Customer satisfaction: maximized.

Continuously optimized service quality ensures constant satisfaction amongst customers. The proof: our very high average value of more than 95% in customer satisfaction surveys.

Revenues and customer value: increased.

Satisfied customers are loyal customers. And they’re happy to purchase again. We take advantage of this satisfaction and loyalty amongst your customers, whenever it makes sense, as the basis for up-selling and cross-selling. This reduces your costs, increases your revenue and, of course, the value of your clients.

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Managing Director SELLBYTEL Group

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Better and better: the efficiency process at SELLBYTEL Group.

What you gain: your added value.

SELLBYTEL Group assures your company of long-term added value through the implementation of efficiency processes:

  • Permanent ongoing development
  • Constant process of improvement
  • More efficient solutions
  • An increase in the value of your clients
  • An increase in the loyalty of your customers
  • Your cost centers become profit centers

"Individual service solutions for your clients’ high quality standards? A good challenge! Our response: precise differentiation from your competitors."

Christoph Thieme, Managing Director SELLBYTEL Group

For you at a glance: Our portfolio of services.

Implementing efficiency. Securing added value.

Customer Interaction Center

Our range of services:

  • Central contact and administration point for your customer enquiries
  • Management, coordination and processing of customer enquiries
  • Presales and postsales advice
  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Data maintenance for transactions and customer contacts

The added value for you:

  • Increase in service quality
  • Increase in productivity through best-practice measures
  • Increase in your revenue through up-selling and cross-selling
  • Reduction in costs through exploitation of standardization potentials

Financial and Banking Service Center

Our range of services:

  • Intensive support and advice for clients and brokers of banks and investment companies
  • Specialist in the field of financial services
  • Execution of various front and back office services in online and retail banking
  • Sales support by SELLBYTEL financial experts
  • Product support
  • Portal management in online banking

The added value for you:

  • High level of consultancy and product expertise
  • Retention and increase of customer trust and satisfaction
  • Increased productivity through best practice
  • Increased productivity through many years of expertise
  • Increased revenue through up-selling and cross-selling

Online Store

Our range of services:

  • Management of web shops and online shops
  • Processing of all services and activities in web shops
  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Product advice, service processing, enquiries on finance, dispatch and delivery status
  • Content management of the web shop

The added value for you:

  • Increased quality of purchasing and service
  • Retention and increase of customer trust
  • Increased productivity through best practice
  • Increase in the conversion rate
  • Increased revenue through up-selling and cross-selling

Technical Service Center

Our range of services:

  • Central administration point for technical customer queries
  • Diagnosis and solving of service and product enquiries
  • Targeted forwarding to downstream instances
  • Up-selling and cross-selling of products and services
  • Data input of transactions and customer contacts into your company’s CRM system

The added value for you:

  • Optimum service quality
  • Competent complaints management
  • Increase in the solution rate
  • Reduction of downstream cots through high initial resolution rates
  • Increase in customer value through up-selling and cross-selling

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