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Quality encounters … because people decide.

Quality encounters … because people decide.

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Customer relationships
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A successful business always begins with a successful first encounter. The trainers from aha! TALENTEXPERTS actively and consciously support your team in noticeably increasing the quality of encounters in sales, service and leadership processes. Across all points of contact – both in person and via media. Our mission is to achieve that good gut feeling on both sides. And has been for more than 20 years.

Training employees. Conveying corporate spirit. Raising performance.

Expertise: over twenty years.

aha! TALENTEXPERTS can build on many years of experience: it has been running external training courses for more than twenty years – with an average customer loyalty of eight years. And even within the SELLBYTEL Group, aha! TALENTEXPERTS is responsible for the training courses and coaching sessions in all projects. Benefit from our unique top-level know-how in the sectors of IT, telecommunications, tourism, financial services, retail trade and insurance.

Individuality: measurable.

aha! TALENTEXPERTS has a large and versatile network of permanent and freelance trainers. Building on their respective core competencies, aha! TALENTEXPERTS can offer your company a creative training strategy optimally matched to its purposes. To measurably increase your employees’ performance. And that of your company as well.

Corporate spirit: tangible.

aha! TALENTEXPERTS optimizes training contents and methods to your individual company values and objectives in terms of language and subject matter. This insures that company values and corporate language are audible and tangible through all levels of customer contact – and above all that they are multiplied.

Practical relevance: guaranteed.

Ever-present in the seminar room: relevance in everyday practice. To ensure that contents and methods taught achieve their intended effect: with your employees, whose successfully acquired new skills should contribute to organizing your company processes more efficiently. The success is proof. aha! TALENTEXPERTS organizes more than 1,000 days of training each year.

Harald Sontowski

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Training philosophy: in the process
for enhancing performance.

What you gain: your added value.

aha! TALENTEXPERTS assures your company of long-term added value through the implementation of efficiency processes:

  • Practical relevance
  • Individuality
  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Measurability
  • Accurate wording

"Knowledge alone does not change behaviour. People must want to do what they are supposed to do."

Harald Sontowski, Managing Director aha! TALENTEXPERTS

Our basic corporate training courses

For you at a glance:


What your employees learn:

  • Competence in the field of leadership for young and experienced managers
  • Healthy leadership
  • Employee motivation skills
  • Self-reflection on their own leadership style
  • To remain authentic

The added value for you:

  • Increase in leadership skills
  • Increase in employee performance
  • More productive days through healthy leadership
  • Close bonding of the employees to your company


What your employees learn:

  • To learn and estimate their own self-competence
  • Knowledge on preventing burn-out syndrome
  • Knowledge about the “me” brand
  • Abilities in voice coaching
  • Methods of presence training

The added value for you:

  • Employees with greater stability, efficiency and motivation
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in illness rate
  • Lower fluctuation
  • Increase in attractiveness to external applicants


What your employees learn:

  • Stronger sales skills
  • Appreciation of customer wishes
  • Ability to analyse customer wishes

The added value for you:

  • Increase your sales power
  • Training measures that generate revenues
  • Opening of a career pool More demanding sales positions can be filled with internally trained employees from less complex fields of activity

Service & Support

What your employees learn:

  • Service-oriented and customer-focused performance
  • Abilities to raise service level
  • Abilities to create positive and inspiring sales experiences

The added value for you:

  • Employees who turn customers into fans
  • Customers who are fans become repeat purchasers, are more loyal customers
  • Customers who are fans are less price-sensitive
  • Customers who are fans are more tolerant if their expectations are dashed
  • Customers who are fans become brand and product ambassadors
  • Customers who are fans carry out marketing by recommendation, free of charge

Our special corporate training courses

For you at a glance:

PREZI Excellence

What your employees learn:

  • How to handle the innovative presentation tool PREZI
  • Knowledge in the field of story storming
  • Knowledge of how best to design PREZI presentations
  • Presentation excellence (language, presence, voice, authenticity)

The added value for you:

  • Brilliance in preparation, concept and execution of presentations
  • Fresh clarity on the material to be presented by intensive story storming
  • Technical proficiency: effortless creation of professional Prezi presentations
  • Devising of individually perfect presentation performance

Presentation and Presence

What your employees learn:

  • Ability to present contents in an authentic and convincing manner
  • Confidence in trade fair discussions, during in-store advisory talks, in pitch presentations for clients
  • Optimum impact in every presentation situation
  • Knowledge in storytelling and story concept
  • Creativity techniques

The added value for you:

  • More effective presentations
  • Increase rate of achieved objectives
  • More closures, support, motivation, transparency

Tipping Points / Train-the-Trainer Training

What your employees learn:

  • Comprehension of role as a quality ambassador for your company
  • Internalization of your company’s quality standard
  • Understanding of when a tipping point (success-critical communication criterion) has been reached, and what appropriate action can be taken
  • Knowledge and ability of how this knowledge can be effectively transferred to the team

The added value for you:

  • Highly effective because it results in the establishment of an autarchic self-learning system
  • Productivity is assured because only a few employees are not at their workplaces during the training course.
  • The quality defined by your company is retained at a constant level

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