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2019-09-30, Nuremberg

Generational factors that influence customer experience

The customer experience industry is facing yet another challenge: the shift in population is causing generations of various contrasting perspectives to collide at the workplace. A brand may have a longstanding workforce, that finds it challenging to adapt to new technology, or a young workforce without all the necessary life experience to deal with difficult calls.Adequately handling the requests of vulnerable people is the number one priority for brands and given the generational difference, they now have to overcome this challenge with the use of the right technologies. 

For most companies we work with, voice is a large part of the customer experience offer, but there is a drive to reduce the reliance of this channel. Over the last few years, the industry has seen a race to become more digital. As companies continue to shift to automation, more and more of these emotional issues are surfacing. As an upshot, some brands are having to reconsider their plans and to slow the pace at which they adapt to new market changes. 

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