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2019-07-29, Nuremberg

How Generation Z is transforming our interaction with brands

In the past years, the workforce has seen an immense growth from the societal force – The Millennials. In most work places, Millennials already form the largest segment. Nonetheless, there is a new generation to reckon with. They are known as the Gen Z. Born into the age of the Internet, Gen Z has more information at their device nimble fingertips than any prior generation. Smartphone ready, they feel extremely comfortable with online interactions and exhibit special demands on the interaction with brands.They easily navigate a wide range of apps for socializing, entertainment and, of course, shopping!

To stay on top, businesses must create strategies to increase (and manage) their social media footprints by providing a more omni channel communication tool like chat, messaging and video services. In preparation for our forthcoming generation the Gen Z’s, Polly Ashdown, Marketing and Communications Director, examines what is distinctive about this generation and how brands can capitalize on the opportunities they provide.

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